Sunday, March 9, 2014

Recipe Smash Journal

At last!! My Recipe Smash Journal is well under way ;)

For the Love of cooking? Well, can't really say I Love cooking ~ well, at least not ALL the time, Adventure ~ yes, that would be a very good word for a recipe book/journal that I would use!

I made this recipe album out of material I had on hand ~ didn't have to purchase anything!! So it was just using up my stash, which is a good thing...right? Making room for um, maybe, perhaps some nice new spring paper and such?? lol

On the inside cover I just cut out a 'doily', stamped and fussy cut the birds (which still need some color) and a photo strip that I'll add a few pics of time. I made a pull out book mark that can be placed on any page to keep your place, or mark a favorite recipe for a quick find me tab.

Cooking Measurement Conversions is on the very first page of this journal/album ~ how many times do we download a recipe only to find out ~ what?? how much? and if you are anything like me, well, it just doesn't sit at the top of my head ~ I need it in print in front of my nose. Ta-Da!

And turn the page:

...and you shall find equivalents or substitutes. YES and double YES. I hate going to the cupboard and looking for something only to find that I don't have it...and yes, I've already started the darn off I go to google what can I use to substitute this....and it's really saved me from dropping everything and running out the door. I've had this page for some time, stuck it in one of my cook books, only to (yes, you know) forget which book I placed it in....well, this Recipe Smash Journal/Album will stand out and I will remember where it is...hopefully ;)

Next I placed a clear, velum 6" X 9" envelopes (Recollections from Michael's) and added a few embellishments for a small baked doughnut recipe book and other recipes I can put in there for safe keeping until I
take the time to glue them into my book/journal.
There are half pages, and full pages ~ just making room for smaller recipes or instructions.

Some pages I will write it out in my own handwriting ~ (not a good thing)

while others I will just cut and paste or fussy cut and paste ~ whatever the rules are good sometimes ;)

and as you can see, my last page has another handy printout ~ cups = tablespoons and so on...I also put a small file folder onto the back page so I could stick a few keepsakes until they too get glued, or

I made the cover out of recycled cardboard, and I used my Bind It All for the spine as I wanted something that was sturdy enough to withstand opening and closing ( a lot) AND I can add a page here there by snipping in between the punched holes (reinforced the punched out holes for a more sturdy page)...with the 1" o-wires, it gives me ample space to add pages...also, I left enough space to add two accordion file holders in the front and back of the smash journal/album....when I get around to needing them or making them, whichever comes first.

So basically, here are my printed out, tried and loved recipes which I have to cut and paste into my Recipe Smash Journal/Album...think I have my work cut out for me? no pun intended ;(

Then once I am done, I will be placing tabs to find recipes that I really, really use a lot but can't remember the measurements...oh, only to have a brain that could remember ~ oh well, life wouldn't be half as interesting ~ everything is new to me!! lol

Sure hope you Spring~Ahead today, not only time wise, but in crafting ideas too! Enjoy...


ps for those who would like to make a smash journal/mini album with a hidden o-wire spine, there is a wonderful tutorial on YouTube at Homemade Smash Book babytweetums. Very easy to follow. Enjoy.