Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crafty Camper

Sad to say, camping season is over for this year. Trailer is all winterized and stored....but the last week of camping was absolutely....peaceful, relaxing and oh so perfect!

There is something about fall camping that is magical for me. Number one of the list is the fact that most times, depending on where you go, the campsite is relatively empty ;)   At Meacham Lake Campground (which I just discovered I had spelled wrong in my last post!! I'm just nasty with spelling!) that is the most enticing factor for us. The complete tranquility, the sounds of silence, other than nature that is.

You know it's quiet when you hear the approach of a bald eagle by the mere sound of it's wings and nothing else or sitting by the campfire at night ( in short sleeves and shorts ~ in October!) enjoying the crackling of the fire, the stomping of an animal in the bush, leaves crunching under foot and the hoot of an owl, first from the distance, than coming closer and closer. We did not see the owl, but we certainly heard it's call, circling close by.

Yes, I love the outdoors and all that it has to offer. No longer avid hiker, biker or much of any sports these days (not so much by choice ) just walking through the campsite, watching the squirrels running about, a cute little rabbit, a fat toad whose movements are slowed down from the cooler weather?? ~ the birds fluttering about ~ now that my friends is what I call relaxing. Absolutely no demands on your time, what you do and when you do it ~ your choice!

So, what do you do with all this peace and quiet?
...well, Norm loved sitting back, enjoying a beverage of choice ;) and just relaxing, reading, going for walks and catching up in afternoon naps when he felt like it! Taking in the scenery, mother nature.

Chelsea is the best camping dog ever! She never roams off our lot, she stays right by our side. She watches the animals without ever disrupting their play ~ it actually takes her a few days to realize 'hey, this is my space' and will acknowledge anyone going by with a little 'greeting' by remaining laying down where she is or gets up and struts around us! What a pooch!

Sooo, what did I bring along with me to keep me relaxing? lol

Yes, I always end up packing up books to read and crafts to play with....which these clear containers are so wonderful to pack up a few goodies to bring along. Keep them all together, protected from getting frumpy or lost. 

I download free library books onto my Kobo and bring along my charger for it ~ yes, we did not have electricity BUT we did have our generator which we were allowed to run twice a day between certain hours ~ park stipulates that the generators have to be quiet!! I also brought along my little Blackberry Notepad or whatever you call it ~ played games....but back to what I packed for scrapping.

I wanted to make a few file folder mini recipe holders and/or receipt holders. So I brought out my trusty Ultimate Crafter's Companion, used the instructions from Advanced Construction Techniques DVD and made a couple before leaving home so that I would have the measurements to go by at the campsite. Chose the cardstock and everything else that I would require to make a few ~ packed it up and I was set to go!

These are what I made at the campsite, now all they require is a little dressing up ~ or not!
I also had cut out a few more and have them scored and ready to be assembled.

Next came along the crocheting and knitting ~ and this is what came home with me!

So all in all, I did relax, but I ended up getting more done than when I am at home! lol

Guess that is the difference between house chores, running errands ~ mostly for others, and the demands of living in a busy world where you are in constant demand and expectations of what you 'should' do for others.

Fall Camping surrounded by mother nature ~ A1 in our books! 

It was a week yesterday that we came back...look how long it took me to get my post up!! lol Mmm, what's wrong with that picture? 

How many of you enjoy the great outdoors? Camping or resorts? Whatever your style, at the end of the day it's what puts that little sparkle in your eyes and lightens your step. Enjoy ;)