Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Geared To Hit 60!

Making It Bold

Let's face it, age is but a number and we all hit milestones along the way ~ the more birthdays we celebrate the better for us ;)

Anywhooo ~ a certain someone, who is very special to us, celebrated his birthday. Mmm, what kind of card could I make for him this year? Well, being he owned and operated his own small engine repair shop, gears popped to mind....soooo I searched online images of gears, picked a group of images of gears and brought it into my Silhouette Designer Studio and this is what I came up with. What can I say, I love that machine!!

With being able to import free clip art or images and manipulate them into cut files, is absolutely wonderful. 

Next it came to looking for paper and cardstock that would set this card into puns intended! Gears ~ motion...I know lame ;(

Layering over cut outs on card face gave it depth.

Using up the supplies that I have on hand, (not all that much) the first thought came to mind that it had to be masculine, garage like, silver & blacks but it needed a punch to kick it up a!

The printed cardstock came from a Colorbock pad I had for ages now, which made me think of tires, so that came into play.

The finished card is 5 X 7 inches. Cut out three circles on the front of the card face to add some layers and depth by layering the gear pieces onto a piece of red cardstock under the front face of the card and then gluing another gear onto the front of the card.

Added a few small 'nuts & bolts' here and there and a layered banner with Happy Birthday sentiment cut out with my Silhouette Cameo.

It's great coming up with ideas for the design of a card, but what do you put inside the card?? Oh my!

Red Light!! Danger Zone ~ Speed Limit 60! Just kidding ;)

Keeping in tune with gears and tires, motors..(oh how I was on a roll). I finished the inside with 'Don't get your motor all revved up over turning may strip your gears!" Happy 60th! 

Matching Geared Envelope.

Ah yes, what is a card without an envelope? Well, a card without an envelope ~ duh! Yup, just another naked thanks to Birds Freebies, just a wonderful site for lovely designs which she graciously allows us to use for our own personal use....sooo once, again, masculine, gears, grates...yes, there was a freebie for a grate type of pattern and I wanted to use it. Brought it into my Silhouette program and cut it out ~ no problemo...

Made an envelobox ( Me thinks that's what they call them) with my Crafter's Companion. Added the grate and layered the gears onto a black circle (tire inspired?) for the label on the envelope...and le voila another one of Nanny Donna's creations!

Thank you for stopping by and hope your not tired (oh sooo lame!) of my ramblings ;)

Now, go create! 

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