Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little Froggy told Me So!

Mr. Froggy Says 'Merci'
This is one polite Froggy!

Yes, it is another 'Merci' card! I'm thinking this is the last 'honey do list' for my hubby's retirement. I know, some people will think nasty things because of the 'frog' and 'Merci' but before you start judging, you should know that my husband use to work in a french high school office AND their mascot was a frog....I kid you not!! lol so don't blame the messenger ;)

After making the 'classy little number of Merci cards' I made one with a frog for the school mascot as he or she?? gave Norm a little gift when he I thought this little number would fit the occasion...well wouldn't you know it...hubby loved it and asked for six more please!!

I thought that 'honey do lists' were for us to give to our hubbies!! Mmm, what's wrong with that picture? lol
I guess fair is fair.

Once again I used my trusty little Cricut and this time I used the card feature on A Child's Year, page 48...and cut it the largest size my little Cricut could cut ~ wow! It was so easy to set up my little Cricut, and it kept spitting out my cards! Gotta love my Cricut!

Next I brought out my Big Kick and embossed the front of the card with one of my Sizzix embossing folders. Easy!

My Paisley cartridge had a cute smiley frog on page 36, so once again, set up my little Cricut and away it went!...Next step was to emboss Mr. Frog with my Sizzix Swiss Dot ( I know, I always reach for it!).

To assemble Mr. Frog, I glued two googly eyes from the Dollar Store, added a black ribbon bow with a bling from the dollar store!! I cut out a tiny strip of dark brown and glued it behind the frog for his mouth.

I used Microsoft Word to select a font and size to type up Merci to fit onto an oblong oval which I cut out in two different sizes and two different colors, from the Once Upon A Princess cricut cartridge, page 54, tag.

Adding runner tape to the front of the smallest oblong oval, I then centered as best as I could, the printed word 'Merci' onto the smallest oblong oval, then I flipped the oval over and cut off the paper that was hanging over the edges. Then you just emboss and layer!

Add a little bling to your layered Merci tag and glue it to your card! You can add an extra bit of ribbon, or change it up as little or as much as you like.

~This is Mr. Froggy without his bow~tie and bling~
Mr. Frog is all ready to jump into his matching
Envelopes and deliver his special message.

For the envelopes, I used the same two oblong oval cut outs, two different colors and sizes and layered them onto the front of the envelopes which I made with my Crafter's Companion. This time I only embossed the back oval, simply easier to write on the white tag without embossed areas ;)

And so my day is done, all ten cards are finished and ready to go, Honey just has to add his personal note of thanks and his john~henry and hopefully, Les Girls will have a laugh or two at my silly creations.

I have to admit, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when hubby asked if I could make some cards... must be doing something right!! lol

Many thanks for stopping by, hope you are having a wonderful day,
hugs from Nanny Donna

P.S. Have to make a little correction as my hubby dearest informed me (finally, wife is always the last to know!) that it was not the school mascot who gave him a balloon a day for the last week of work but a fellow co~worker who didn't want to write 'anonymous' (or secret admirer?).