Monday, February 11, 2013

~Friendship Book~Card Gift Set~

Bloom Where You're Planted

Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of Life

When I was out and about the other day, I came across some sweet finds at Michael's and one of them was this little paper pack ~ Mary & Co. Studio 18. Twelve sheets, all matching and oh so sweet. At first I was saving it to make a paper bag mini album but couldn't resist trying another little card made like a book...and a matching box...a gift set for that special friend who is always there for you.

Out came my Cricut and Story Book Cartridge to cut the book and pages. I cut two at 5 1/2 inches, one in red and one in white cardstock to form the book cover. Embossed it with my new toy, using the swiss dot embossing folder.
Adding some cut outs from the little paper pack

Then I keep cutting the pages one size smaller than the next, to layer it. I cut out some of the pretty designs on the little packet of paper and glued it to my page.

Adding some glitter glue to the edges, pearls grouped in three at each peak, some little butterfly beads to finish it up.

For the cover of the book, I cut the same form, 2 inches and glued the cut out words Bloom where you're planted. Emboss with swiss dot folder, glitter glue on the edge, add the butterflies and you have one sweet little card that looks like a book.

...but how do you get these cards to stand up so they can be displayed? Well, thanks to Christina over at, she has a video showing how she made different card stands and this is where I got my idea.

Back to my little Cricut and the Story Book Cartridge, page 64, I cut out the 'brackets', setting at shorty/holes, at 4 inches. Since the cardstock was not very heavy, I had to cut out three sets, glue them together, passed them through my Big Kick with the swiss dot folder, then glued it to the back of the card.

I did take a popsicle stick and placed it in the middle of the brackets to get the right fold so that the bracket would have a good amount glued to the back of the card.

So far the bracket is holding up, you can flatten it to put it in the matching box, which I made with my trusty Ultimate Crafter's Companion boxer board.

Matching Box 

I used two 8 1/2 x 11 inch white cardstock and used the second line (1 inch) score line for the box lid and base. Trim the corners, glue the corners together and you have a box for your card.

To dress up the box, I used a matching page from my little packet of paper, cut out a few pictures and embellished the box lid.

A little glitter glue, and Le Voila ~ a pretty little gift set for a friend. I would of added more mint pearls, but I ran out ;(

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed your stay ;)  ...and many thanks to Christina for sharing her talent.

Another little project by,
Nanny Donna