Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mini Desk Calendar

Mixing it up with our love of camping and my husband's up-coming retirement. All along my husband has been saying that the office in which he works in would get air-conditioning and the renovations done probably only after he would be retired, but surprise! The school renovated the main office and low and behold not only did they put in new floors, ceiling, the much needed air conditioning but also new, larger desks! At least Norm gets to enjoy the new office until the end of this school year.

At first I was going to make a count down the days until retirement desk calendar, but after finding out that everyone and their uncle are doing this for him, I chose to go a little more subtle and came up with this desk calendar for him.
I had so much fun making this little desk calendar/organizer. Mixing up a camping, fall and retirement theme. A sticker that reads 'Take Time To Explore' along with the 'Time Piece' and on the other side of that tag is a key - signifying the key to relaxation!
The material I used are from days long gone by and I sure can't remember where I purchased them and some where obviously from a package.
The embellishments are from the dollar store! Yes, those twirly paper clips and the stickers do come from our local dollar store!
The pattern I used came from Score, Fold, Create. Absolutely love this book. Since I have it, all I want to do is try out all the fun designs.
The base, I used a piece of foam board, and yes, that too came from our local Dollar store.
I was lucky enough to find a website for the perfect size monthly calendars.
Visit for printable calendar.
Here is what the back of the project looks like.

This is the book that I have made my project out of ...
Love, love, love this book. I use it with my Crafter's Companion as I do not have the Score-Pal.
So far I have had no problems ;)
Hope you having a scrap-happy Thanks Giving!