Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meet Lily~Anne

Hello, it's been a while hasn't it? Like I've said before, sometimes life gets in the way of crafting, but crafter's move on!!

I'd like to introduce Lily~Anne, a rag doll that I made for our little grand~daughter. She has a penchant for blue hair and bright colors, thus Lily~Anne came to life in Nanny Donna's Sewing/Craft room.

Out came and old pattern that I had for a very long time, some mix~matched material from my stash, purchased some variegated blue yarn and got to work. What started out as a  s l o w    project, due to Mr. Arthur taking up residence in my hands/shoulder (naturally, it would be my right hand that gets the nastiest being I am right handed ) and because the idea of taking my time and not spending hours on end just doesn't seem to sink in all that well, I decided that I would start early on this project and work a little at a time on it...well, that was my intentions until the birthday party was moved up!! so Nanny had to boogie to get this one done on time.

The part that took the longest was her hair. I did not like having the hair 'loose' on the 'scalp' and having the 'scalp' show through...and sewing yarn to a piece of binding, well, now isn't that fun?

I ended up cutting the yarn by wrapping it on a piece of cardboard, then placing scotch tape down on my work table and sticking the yarn evenly, then sewing the binding down the center of all the yarn. BUT this wasn't what I wanted (scalp showing through) and then I thought 'mm, what if I braided the hair and then sew each braid to the 'scalp', that would hold the hair in place ~ no scalp showing through!! Yay! BUT time consuming or what and try holding a needle with fingers that just don't want to work!! HELP!

Slowly I got the hair done and I really loved the outcome...BUT more important Logan really loved her dolly and named her Lilly~Anne as soon as she saw it.

Her boxed pop up birthday card was filled with balloons, harts and fun birthday wishes ~ which I had made far in advance...slowly ;)  see, I am learning! Pace myself. Yup, but man that is hard to do when you just want to dig in and get~r~done! lol

Learning to deal with anything that slows us down or limits us takes time. I've always tried to pack in as much as I could when I felt good, no migraine, but that doesn't work when you have Arthritis. Pacing yourself and rest is important, learning to take care of yourself and manage EVERYTHING on those terms takes time and patience...but it is doable ;)  Ya, easy to write it down, not easy to live it!! lol

Hope everyone is having a great crafty day, going at our own pace. Take care,