Sunday, March 23, 2014

Instant Downloads for Card Making

Hello everyone, what a bright, sunny day out there...and what am I doing? Searching for fun places to go to when you want a quick, easy card making download! Now you know that I'm nuts about card making!! lol

Anyhow, just found this awesome site in the UK, I loved the many items they have for downloads with instructions! My type of place to go to ~ and you can find them at Instant Card Mak
ing Downloads
Wow! Beautiful ~ just right for Easter.

What little one wouldn't love this?

Another spot that I found and loved the designs were on Etsy and you can find them here and because they are digital downloads I couldn't save and paste the image, but take my word, they are Cute with a capital C! Tinker & Co ~ Compose, Colour, Create.

Handmade Spark ~heartofwisdom ~ just love it!

If you prefer to have instructions on a DVD which usually has several projects on it then go to Printable Heaven. Lovely DVD's.

You can also find many download kits on this page on Etsy ~ a good place to find many different items AND to sell your homemade goodies.

Well, that's it for today, hope you are all enjoying this great Sunday!!