Thursday, January 2, 2014

Deep Freeze

Baby it's cold outside. Right now it's -25 Celsius or -13 Fahrenheit...brr it's cold! and yes, I do live in Canada and it's winter time. Down filled coat and good winter boots help keep the cold at bay, but it is not a day to head outdoors for any length of time.

 Holidays are over and I'm stuffed from all the goodies. Been busy with visiting, meals and more meals and babysitting the my days in the craft room have been numbered...and I'm getting the itch!

I have a few projects in mind, one being a calendar...yes, you would think that I'd have one done up and ready for 2014, but no, nothing like last minute for me.

A project planner, now that would be a great idea and a way of planning projects ahead of time, making it possible to watch and collect the perfect paper collection, stamps or anything else that I would need for the project...or look through what I have and set aside...yes, that sounds like a great idea!

Making a receipt organizer, so that at the end of a year, it would be interesting to see where our money goes...I'm a little afraid ~ is this something I really want to know? lol One for each month, different categories, like groceries, gas, clothing...crafts.

Another project is making a year of cards for family birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions so that they will be ready and more last minute running downstairs and hoping the creative side of me is on full systems ready to go ;)

I often wonder do others ever end up going blank at times? I don't like making the same card twice, so it's frustrating at times, when you have to come up with something on a very, very short notice...and naturally, the cards that I would have on hand, I find not suitable or not what I had in mind.

I also want to print up a few inserts for cards, different verses, so I would be able to pick on and plop it in a card as often it takes me just as long coming up with a nice verse as it does for ideas for a card.

Learning how to shade and color with my new Spectrum Noir pens would be lovely.

Using my bind it all by Zutter's is also something I would like to work into some of the projects.

Lots of ideas, now it's just putting it all together. New Year, new start. Here's hoping I can follow through and come up with some fun new projects.

What's on your list? What kind of projects would you like to see and would you like instructions too?

I'd love to hear what you have in mind for 2014.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy New Year!! from a frozen Canadian Crafter ;)