Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Robbed By Insomnia

Yes, Nanny Donna has been robbed through the night by a sneaky culprit who broke into her life and has reeked havoc. Determined Insomnia has set up and stalked me for the past six months. First it was having trouble falling asleep, then staying asleep and now, wonderful as it may seem for teenagers to pull all nighters, it's not so cool at this age. Nope, not fun at all.

Insomnia has left me sleepy and cranky in the day time ;( and wound for sound at night. I'm thinking of attempting a little gymnastic, like doing a cartwheel, my thinking is along the idea of turning a baby end for end when it gets it's days and nights mixed up - I am not crazy, I do recall my grandmother talking about this!! or perhaps I am slowly going crazy...or maybe I am? I know, bad choice of words, but you have to know me to judge me.

I know, the word crazy is frowned upon but seriously ~ how long can a person go without sleep before they go around the bend?

Creativity got knocked out the door ~ kicked to the curb is more like it. I go into my nice craft room and sit there looking around and wondering what I should do next...but that would require a clear brain and energy ~ I have neither right now.

Oh well, cry me a river...there are sooo many people dealing with sleep deprivation and other health problems who am I to complain. This too shall pass...and Determined Insomnia I will kick your butt time.

So for all of you who are wondering what happened to Nanny Donna, she is sitting up at night knitting socks!! Lots and lots of socks!! Knit one, pearl one...and then ripping the sucker out because she went brain dead...and we start all over, cast on 42 sts, knit one pearl one...

Oh sleep come to mama, she is in need of some good, deep, wonderful sleep...any hints, tips or ideas on how to get back into a natural sleep pattern? Really, anything ...

One tired, frumpy Nanny Donna ~ and one tip for the day ~ don't try out an X~acto knife for the first time when you are sleep deprived...nope, not a good idea at all....leave the cutting to scissors or Silhouette, Cricut...not an X~acto knife...they hurt the fingers ;( Dhu...

zzzzless in Canada eh