Saturday, November 9, 2013

Storage Is Everything ;)

Closet Transformation

Thanks to my hubby who magically turned my closet into a wonderful place to organize all my paper craft supplies in one spot. Easy to access from my desk, neat, well thought out and done to perfection. Yes, I'm thrilled with the outcome...and so excited to get back to crafting....soon.
Not so thrilled with having to sort through everything, once again...but and it's a big BUT the payoff is going to be oooh so lovely. 
I had surfed the internet and tried to see what kind of ideas I could come up with that work with my crafting space. I turned to the closet because it was obvious that the space was not used to the maximum efficiency. 
Picked a simple (well, I thought it was simple!! lol) idea, three shelves, pegboard and a built in cabinet on the side...a little paint and that should do it!

Ha!! my poor hubby had to build a false floor, one that could come up if he needed to get to a drain thingy that was built on the bottom of the floor (basement) and a water pipe that was in the far corner...and work around the heating ducts ~ oops! my bad. Did I mention how much I love you dear? XOXO

We made a trip to the lumber store ~ ouch! just that one trip was more than I had thought it was going to cost...must be getting old or something. Price? lol What can I say, I'm a cheapskate when it comes down to it! lol

...and he got busy...
he had to add some gyprock and do some plastering, then sanding...then painting...and as you can see in this picture, he had to deal with the drain in the he had to build a false floor, one that he can lift up and get to the pipe if he needs to....put floor tiles down, and paint the lip of the floor.  

...which I don't think I have a picture of the floor! oops! Sorry ;(
He then cut out a section of the closet that I wanted a shelving unit added to the front of the wall...didn't want to have to reach way behind the wall to get to anything...wasted cut into the wall and add the shelves ;)

Then off to his woodworking shop and built the cabinet to fit into the spot. This is the back of the shelving unite...and his back too! lol

Once I get the fabric sorted and in it, I will post pictures the finished look.

I decided that I wanted some pegboard added to the closet space, so in order to finish off the inside wall of the shelving unit, he made a wall of pegboard...which is now home for a few things.

As you can see it's a great place to hang a few things ~ easy to get to, neat and in place.

So far I'm loving it!

It's difficult to get a good picture of my finished space because of the lack of room to back up and take the pic! so you really don't see the real size of the space...or the amount of goodies I can fit in it.

 Glue sticks, glue gun, Cricut mats, binding wires for my Zutter, which is also on the top shelf, Cricut and cartridges, Fiskar scissors, Ribbon, stamps, embellishment, well, just about everything except the kitchen sink ;) Love, love, love it! 

Who'd of thunk it! Pinch me, I think I'm dreaming ;)

These bins were under my desk, making it cramped and not very pleasant to sit at.

I have two bins for my paper crafts, one for sewing patterns and two for yarn...


The black and white polka-dot paper file holders came from our local dollar store, you got two in a package for $1.50 ~ which are great for the 8 1/2 X 11 cardstock, my Crafter's Companion boards, paper bag for mini albums...etc...

My patterned paper are stored in colored plastic containers, sorted by color and I do believe there are a couple that I store some of the projects that are in the works.

All in all, I still have a long way to go for sorting through my craft room ~ as when you house paper crafting, knitting, sewing all in one space ~ well, you had better be a little organized or you may get lost in the shuffle...and I'm shuffling and a little lost...

I'm still working on space for my Silhouette Cameo, printer and computer ~ now that could be interesting, very interesting indeed.

That will be for another day, right now, it's time to call it a day and head upstairs. I'm thinking ~ make some buttered popcorn, put the P.J.'s on and watch Haven...and snuggle with my wonderful hubby. Yup, he's a keeper, gotta love him ;) 

What have you been up to lately? Love reading your comments and knowing your thoughts and ideas. 

Have a good one,