Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In the works...

I'm sorry to say that I have not been able to get into my craft room much lately, but the good news's because my hubby is turning the closet in my craft room into a cool storage area ~ a neat, organized space!! like this one. I saw this one online and decided that the closet in my craft room was ideal space and was not being used to the max...and so it began.

Shelves, pegboard, neat, clean space! Hopefully I will be able to make my working space more comfortable and less crowded. Sometimes it gets a little much when I have sewing out, paper crafts and knitting supplies all out at about multi tasking...and not getting much done!! lol This should help clear up some of my mess and make my room a little more inviting. I'm very thankful that I have a patient hubby who listens to what I would like, then listens some more when I change my mind ;)   Thank goodness he is handy in his woodworking shop...

 Right now it's almost done, then it's time to start to organize ~ oh my!! I think I'd rather be crafting...soon I will be back with some projects. 

 I will take pics and post once it's done ~ a one time neat and clean pic as I'm sure I'll manage to make it somewhat messy as soon as I start crafting lol

Another thing that I'm pretty excited about is the number of page views!! Over 10,000. Yes, it's true! Sooo all in all, I would like to say thank you to one and all who stop in and take a peak, follow and I love reading comments ~ they really make my day to hear your thoughts on what I've been up to. 

It's rewarding to think that the time spent playing in my little corner and sharing with others can lead to new friendships near and far, how much we can learn from each other. I so enjoy checking out everyone's projects, so inspiring.

Your comments make my day and are so very much appreciated and encouraging. Aw life is good when we craft and share.

...and so for now, I'll be surfing around checking out all your lovely work, take care...


pst Norm? Is it done yet?? lol