Thursday, October 24, 2013

Super Deals! Awesome Win ;)

As someone who keeps harping about being 'frugal' and using what we have to make the most out of our stash...well, I kind of decided to just go for it!! Sometimes we just have to.

Craftsy was offering online sewing classes and I jumped on board ~ Pant Pattern Fitting  with Sandra Betzina, which came with a pattern that came in the snail mail. I just received it this past week and will be taking a look at it ~ naturally, I looked at the pattern and decided I wanted to alter it to a pull on comfort~fit pant ~ so I'll be taking this one step further...some day ;)

I'm thinking ~ comfort~fit? 

 I had purchased Pattern Fitting With Confidence by Nancy Zieman at Sewing with Nancy some time ago when it was on sale I needed well, I wanted sewing rulers which just happened to be on sale at a Jo~Ann Fabric and Craft Shop (ended up getting the two of them for less than the price of one ~ made my day).

Fabric!! Since I've managed to gain back all the weight I had lost last year ;(   my few jeans and pants just didn't cut it anymore ~ I couldn't of poured myself into them even if I tried. Soooo off to our local fabric store and purchased stretch jean matterial ( which was on sale ).

Now the fun begins. Fitting the pattern to my!! lol Between the book, the online class, I think I am getting the hang of it...but that will be another blog.

I was super excited when my 6 x 6 stacks came in the mail and the washi tape! Thanks again to The Memory Nest, I had won a $10.00 giftt certificate. Cards for all Seasons ~ simply wonderful.

Projects for all Season!

Now I kept my biggest surprise purchase ~ as it was a totally lucky find and certainly was not planned!
Winners Spectacular Find!

I'm still pinching myself...the other day I went to use some of my Mark It Markers and sadly the ones I went to use was dried out ;(  ~ oh well, no biggy, they certainly didn't owe me anything. I've used them for so many projects....BUT today I stopped in at our local Winners store just to browse ( I was suppose to be looking at clothing) but as usual I always end up looking to see what crafting supplies they have on hand...seriously, I could not believe my eyes. Spectrum noir Alcholol Pens, 6 per package ~ $5.99 each!!! I know! Totally Crazy right? I ended up picking up one of each of the colors they had...I mean a girl could get locked up for passing up such a deal!! 

Now, on the other hand, my husband kind of looked at me like I had lost my mind getting so excited about ~ markers. Yes dear, to you they are 'markers' to me they are a drop of golden sun on a very coool October day ;) Markers! Hugh! Really Norm?? 

I have to be honest, in the end it was my hubby who gave me the little 'push' to make the purchase! Clothing? 'Markers'? Hahaha, like really? Pity I couldn't 'draw' my clothes on me...

So as you can see, I may have been a little behind in blogging, but certainly not for lack of projects in the works...more like having my hands in too many projects and have to catch up! and on that note...remember me saying that I had a memory quilt to make for our little grandson Parker ~ well this is the small pile that I've managed to cut out so far....

Sleepers and PJ's cut out for a memory quilt...some day ;) that's a lot!! Hope I didn't bore you to death with my rambling, but I've been pretty pumped with my finds and now it's time to settle down and start crafting with all my new found goodies. I still can\t believe how lucky I've been lately. Winning and finding deals. Wow!

Keep your eyes peeled for those unexpected finds...

Happy Crafting,

ps...and as for the new pic with the nerd glasses ~ when it comes to crafting I like to be able to move my eyes around without peeking over the rim of my glasses AND not to mention that I do wear bifocals/progressive lens ~ but with no lines, the blended kind. I've discovered that true bifocal glasses give me a larger section (depending on the frame size of course ~ thus the NERDY ones!) to see out of AND CLEAR ;)   So I braved it and went for the funky pic. ...and the glasses? Sale!! Great prices at The Glasses Shop.

FYI ~ I don't receive any compensation for mentioning these companies ~ just telling it like it is ;)