Monday, August 26, 2013

Let's Play! Can You Picture It?

It feels like forever since I have been following certain crafters and absolutely love their flare for adding flowers and bling to bring their cards alive...and they do it soooo well. I on the other hand, have been wanting to give it a try but there always seemed to be a rhyme and a reason why I didn't....SOOO I stepped out of my comfy zone and gave it a shot.

My mother's 83rd birthday was Aug. 23rd!! AND being a procraftinator (putting off making a craft before the last minute ) I just finished it on time ~ phew!

AND birthdays are always a good time for surprises right? So let's keep the picture of what I made a surprise until the end. Wanta play along?

Before I get into showing you my card set, I have a question to ask. When you start making a card, do you have any idea of the layout before hand? or do you just wing it? Do you use a sketch to get some idea? The reason I ask is because when I start a card ~ it is always flying by the seat of my pants...and where or what it will look like in the end ~ is anyone's guess! Is this crazy or normal crazy for us crafty people?

I'm thinking I am going to do this post backwards. Yes, backwards. Today instead of showing you the finished product in the beginning...I'll leave it to the tail end.

See if you guessed how it would turn out! I want to see just how 'picturesque' your mind can in can you picture the card as I describe it without actually seeing it...perhaps you will come up with a new idea for a card that you will want to try out! or it may very well be a complete surprise!

I'm just in one of those kinda moods ~ where I feel like shaking things up a bit ~ since I went out of my comfort zone, sit back and practice...patience! bahaha

Don't scroll down ~ let's get started.

First I selected two shades of mauve and white. Now was the card base going to be white or mauve? I chose white.

Then I decided I wanted a very intricate cut out background to lay on top of my card base...and my Silhouette did a beautiful job ~ first cut came out perfect. Color? White.

Banner ~ layer it or not? What color? Mauve or white? Mauve ~ added dimensional foam stickers to the back...added a stamped butterfly which I colored with Mark It Markers ~ fussy cut it ~ a little glitter over top and there was another embellishment. Two pearls at each end of the banner ;)

Next I cut out three different sizes of flowers to make and attach to the left bottom corner of my card ~ adding small pearl drops to the centers. Glued them together and let them dry.Well that was all fine and dandy but it needed a little something something so I dug in my bling drawer and came up with some pearl swirls & flares which I cut to suit my needs. Color? White with a touch of black.

For the sentiment I wanted something equally intricate to flow with the rest of the card. Once again, my trusty Silhouette cut out a fine oblong frame. Perfect for writing a sentiment on it which I used my Silhouette to write out Happy Birthday Mom in mauve on white cardstock...then embossed the frame and sentiment. Added foam dimensional dots, 6 small pearls were added.

For the inside of the card, I chose a soft mauve paper with very small dots of slightly darker mauve and white ~ and drew the same frame that I had cut out for the front of the card, inside on both right and left side of the card and inserted the sentiment:

May this card hold                                                       For although we look
Very Special memories,                                                Back over the Years,
Of days that have                                                          That hold people and
Gone and have past.                                                     Thoughts that are dear,
Yet today is a                                                               We also look
celebration to build                                                        Forward to the future,
sweet memories                                                            With Best Wishes
To last.                                                                          For a Wonderful Year.

Taking out my Crafter's Companion boxer, I made a box for my card ~ a box which was a tad larger than I really needed but I decided that I will put tissue paper in it to make it pop all the more.

Lid was made out of light mauve cardstock, added one shade darker wide strip of cardstock and placed a white matching frame that I made for the front of the card and the inside of my card. Embossed it, stamped inside 'the key to happiness is Love' and placed on the upper center of the box lid.

Cut out four flowers, two white and two mauve ~ in smaller sizes. Placed a pearl in the center of each one...keeping the flow ;)
,stamped the same butterfly on the upper left corner of the box lid and colored it, added glitter and let it dry.

Glued three flowers to the top of the lid of the box and added the same pearl swirl and flares in white and black.

I cut out a white, three layered cake and decorated it up with small pearls, glitter and topped it off with a small white flower. Placed this on the bottom right side corner on an angle...added pearl swirl/flare, white and black...then a sparkley 83 in the very bottom right corner.

Oh my, doesn't this sound like a lot of bling, sparklies and flowers? Like I said, way out of my comfort zone!

Now put that all together and what do you think I came up with? Is this what you were picturing in your head?

Scroll on down.......

just a little more.....

Le Voila! Ooo La La a la Donna do realize, I am laughing, right? Yup, I surprised myself, now let's see how mother likes it....that will be the real test!

Well, what do you think? Did I over do it, or do I pass the test?

Following through with the design to the inside of the card.

How did you do? What did you picture? Was it anything like this?  Thanks for playing along and I love to hear your thoughts and see your work too!

My one thought ~ I would use another font for the inside of the card, other than that...I guess I'm o.k. with it ;)

Have a scrap~happy day!