Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tilley Gone Bad

Who Peed on My Tilley?

Pity you can't see just how yellow and discolored my Tilley was.

 This picture does no justice to what color my Tilley came out after washing it. The sad part of it~ I have had this hat since 2001 and it looked brand new...until the last washing.

 It came out a nasty yellow which made it look like our Sheltie had peed on it...just not nice at all and to add to the lovely color, there were dark marks around one of the grommets and top of the hat. All in all, I did not want to wear it anymore...and like I said, the hat looked new. I had washed it many times before and never had this problem. ;(

You can kind of see where the darker spots were.
Anyhoooow, I emailed Tilley with photos and an explanation since I've have all my tags and papers that came with the hat AND their wonderful Life Time Warranty ~ which of course does not count in this case...and knowing how most companies who make BIG PROMISES have a loop hole to scurry through when called upon, I asked if I could dye my I knew what their answer was going to be!

This is the email they sent back to me:

Dear Ms Chartrand,
Thank you for contacting Tilley. It looks like your hat had a chemical reaction with the detergent used. The hat in the photo is our Nylon LT5. Unfortunately, nylon cannot be dyed.
Unfortunately, the hat insurance warranty has expired. However, we will be happy to offer you with a 10% discount off the current price of a new Tilley hat.

The LT5 was replaced with the LTM5. We also have the LT5B available.

You may place your order over our website at, under “Shopping Bag”, make sure the Canadian/International site is listed. If not, click on the flag and select the "Canadian/International" site.

Please put the following code in the coupon box of the order, located on the 1st page of your cart. The code is ......... When entering a coupon code you need to click the apply button located next to the coupon box. If you do not click apply, the code will not be applied.


 Oh, wait, I'll rush out to purchases another Tilley (I have another winter one and my husband has 3 or 4) at a whopping 10% off! NOT.

Don't get me wrong, we love our Tilleys and they are a wonderful hat. This is the first time I have ever had any problems with them and they have been through many camping trips, bad weather and they have always come through for us...and yes they do float! I fell out of a canoe, I sank, my Tilley floated! lol

Soooo, me being me, I decided since I would not wear the lovely pee yellow hat, the next best thing would be to try to dye it and see what happens. I mean, worse came to worse, it would come out blotchy but another color?

I used Rite, Kelly Green liquid tint. Read the instructions and did it right in my kitchen sink. Filled the sink with hot water, 1 cup salt ( I used course salt, should of used fine salt) and 1 cup Vinegar as the bottle said. Used the entire bottle of tint, stirred it up then added my pee yellow Tilley...duh, Tilley's float!! So I used two large glass measuring cups to keep it from floating up.

The tint said to time it for 30 minutes, but I could see that this material was not holding the color very well, so I decided to leave it for another 30 + minutes.

Finally, I decided o.k., enough waiting, did I mention that I am impatient? lol

Cleaned out the sink, filled it with cold water and more salt and swished it around until the water ran clear from the hat.

Rinsed it under the running tap. No color was running from it. All is good, but I could see that the color was not even, but more like tie-died?

My Kelly Green Tilley ~ one of a kind Tilley for one of a kind Donna!

I remembered that I had a scarf that I had purchased with my Tilley hat, so I dug it out and added it to the braided shoes laces that I had on my Tilley for decoration!!

All in all, I think I did o.k., the color is not an even color, there are some blotchy areas but it is at least a color that I can put up with ~ as long as the color does not bleed through and turn my hair green...although, in all honesty, it would not be the first time that I had green hair!! now that, is another story for another time!

You can see the uneven colors...just adds character!

Yup, it is a Dyed Tilley!
So Mr. Tilley, I still love my Tilley and will be wearing it wherever whenever and when someone asks me how did I get my Tilley this color, you can bet your bottom dollar, I will be telling them. Chemical reaction and all....Life Time Waranty ~ ha! 10% no thanks.

A shaded view of Tilley Life Time Waranty ~ green with envy? lol

Take care, never say never...

ps. here is a picture of our Blue Merle Sheltie ~ Chelsea and No she did not pee on my hat!
Our ol' girl is 10 years old! and loves camping with us.

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