Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Silhouette Cameo & Sketching


Black Sketch Pen in Silhouette Cameo

I'm still in the learning process with my newest toy, the Silhouette Cameo. I purchased the sketching pens on and patiently waited until they arrived. I had been checking out different You Tube videos for everything and anything Silhouette Cameo ~ had to keep busy somehow!! lol

Naturally, I saw some pretty awesome sketches and decided I just had to try it out. Googled Spiderman and found this coloring page and thought it looked pretty cool. Saved it as all files and brought it into the Silhouette Cameo studio to play with.

This is what the image ends up like before sketching.

What I normally do is bring my little Blackberry Playbook downstairs with me and play any You Tube tutorials on it and follow the directions on my laptop! Solves the problem of having to either write it down and try it out or split screen views ~ which I'm not a fan of, specially on a laptop...

It was pretty easy to do, but in all honesty, I'm thinking that I could of just as easily of printed it up on a printer! So I'm left thinking ~ will I use this feature much? I can just send an image to my printer through the Silhouette Studio program, it can place the registration mark on the printed image  THEN you can just cut it out with your Silhouette! In other words, it can take a printed image off your printer, and cut around the outer edge to make an embellishment! Now that my friends is what I call Cool. Just imagine how many things you can dream up, print and cut!!

Sketching Spiderman

I'm thinking cha~ching!! I can hear the savings on going out and attempting to find the 'perfect' embellishment that goes with a certain color theme or pattern. I can literally scan an image ( my paper background) bring it into the Silhouette Cameo Studio, play around with it and send it to my printer, making sure to add the registration mark so that when I load it into my Silhouette that it will be able to read where to start cutting....oh, my! (Well, in theory I'm suppose to be able to do this) 

Had to try writing something and then sketch it.

Again, I just selected the font and size I wanted and then sent it to the Silhouette and it nicely sketched Happy Birthday Liam! O.k., I like it but again, will I use it much? Weeelllll, I'm thinking when you are designing cards or even layouts in the Studio, it would be nice to be able to design the entire card or project and be able to place the 'sketched' sentiments or words exactly where you want them and just pass it through to the Silhouette where it can cut the desired design, replace the blade with a pen, reload your mat and your sentiment will be sketched right where you want it. Now that sounds like something I could live with ;)   I'm all for 'easy' these days.

Like I said, I haven't had much chance to play lately, but I'm still loving my new toy ~ Silhouette Cameo Rocks! 

Now the thing is this, with my new toy, I have to learn how to put my library images onto a memory stick for back up AND there is the fact that I could bring my little Cricut along with me camping with the few cartridges that I have and be able to craft any old time. Now with the Silhouette, I would have to bring my laptop, making sure that any images that I'd want to work with is downloaded before I left....soooo which machine would I bring with me? lol No room for both!!

I'm thinking that anything working with a computer can get 'lost' and specially with my lack of techno smarts ~ well, I can see someday going 'oh crap what just happened? and will I be able to fix it? Guess I should look into this before it's a problem? lol  and just maybe I shouldn't jinx myself, think positive Donna, You Can Do It!! Ya, right!! you silly woman ;)

Just another day in Nanny Donna's Corner, thanks for stopping by, now go and create!