Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sensationail by Nailene ~ Review

Gel Nails Starter Kit

I don't know about you, but my nails are horrible, with a capital H! Honestly you would think that I work digging and scratching in a rock pile or something. They have become brittle, thin and just nasty. I keep seeing all these lovely tutorials on YouTube and see all those lovely ladies with the pretty nails and I just want to ask them 'how do you maintain such beautiful nails AND find time to do crafting and housework?'

I have my certificates in artificial nails and all the hoopla that went along with Hairstyling, but nails were never, ever something I enjoyed doing or attempting to do on myself...just like my hair...loved playing in other people's hair but not my own.

I've always loved having nice nails, couldn't sit still long enough to let them dry properly and yes, I always ended up with smudges and a few choice words when this happened.

Been looking for some time now at the Gel Nail kits and sat on the fence wondering if I should or shouldn't and of course cost factor came into play too. I mean, knowing how rough I am on my nails, how much is too much to pay for something that is going to last only a couple of days...right?

My daughter in law finally convinced me to treat myself ~ not that she had to push too hard, and I decided to give it a shot.

I must say, this is the first time that I have played with any gel nail kits with a curing light for at home applications. So far, I have to say I am impressed.

Directions are clear, easy to use and I'm happy with the end result ~ so far!

This is a pic of my nasty nails ~

They just refuse to grow without peeling and breaking so I thought I'd use a gel nail kit to try and make them a little easier on the eye and hopefully help them stop breaking...although my experience with artificial nails, including gel nails do not help your natural nail...brain knows this, but mentality says go for it!

I am not a patient person when dealing with nails, so needless to say I may not of applied this product as neatly as it should be. I did not find the timing bad at all, and soon I had a more appealing hand with shinny Chiffon Pink nails.

One handed shots are not soooo easy to take!! lol  Pink Chiffon is a light color and looks natural for the summer.

I will be looking forward to seeing how well they stand up over time, as I swim pretty much on a daily basis and my hands are always into something. Gloves are for winter, so I don't baby my hands when I'm digging in the garden or doing any housework...Sensationail has it's work cut out for sure!

One easy, neat product, comes with everything you need to start you off and it states that it will do up to 10 complete manicures ~ we shall see! But even if it only does three or four, for the price of the starter kit, it just may be the very thing I need for those special occasions where I have to play dress up and be 'lady like'...not sure I can pull that one

I purchased my kit at Walmart in Massena, N. Y. for $49.99 and it came with the LED Lamp, Gel cleanser, gel primer, color gel polish ~ Pink Chiffon~ gel base & top coat, lint~free wipes, double~sided nail buffer and manicure stick.

Because it's such a light color, I applied three coats, also because my nails are so thin and weak, it adds a little 'tough' coat, making my nails firmer. 

All in all, I am pleased with my purchase and now it's going to be the test of time to see how long it will last. Now, as a rule, when I did get my nails done, professionally, they did not last the two weeks manicure last more than a couple of days before it is chipped, cracked or peeling ~ yes, that is how hard I am on these ol' hands. So Sensationail ~ let's see what you're made out of!! and how well will you stand up to the test of time.

Thank you for stopping in, all comments are welcomed and encouraged!!