Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hubby's New Past Time

I'm Loving It!

Oh La~La Popo, C'est beau! You can see our Shelty snoozing (back corner near planter!)

Since my hubby retired, he took up woodworking and is enjoying it immensely. First thing he made was some flower boxes for our deck. These he made out of our son's old fence posts! He sanded them down, cut them to the right sizes and soon he had our two done and an order for two more!! His son and wife wanted a set, same as ours.

The flower box in the corner with our new chairs...ooh La La! C'est Beau Popo!

Next he decided since gardening is a little tough on the ol' back, he built a stand for me to plant some tomato plants or whatever I wanted...unfortunately, I did not get the ground yet to put in it and right now the kids are using it to store their 'splash pad' toys! It works ;)

My planter box, now used for a splash pad toy box!

Soon he was searching for wood patterns and decided building a set of chairs and two end tables for our deck. I love them! We still have to buy the cushions for them, or I could make them, but I think I have enough projects on the go as it is ;) 

I think he did a wonderful job. All they need is their new cushions.

As you can see, he didn't waste any time getting busy with another woodworking project...but I'll keep that for another day! For someone who did not have any experience in woodworking, I think he did an amazing job! What a go Popo! 

Sooo many people kept asking us, 'what are you going to do with all your spare time'...well, looks like he's adjusting just fine ;) No need to worry what he'll be up to.

As long as the sawdust is flying, he's a happy man ~ and I'm certainly not complaining!

So all in all, we are enjoying retirement to the max.

I can see us enjoying our backyard this summer, yup, all is good here at Nanny ~ Popo's....mmm, wonder what else he'll come up with?

Keep well, be happy and keep on crafting ;)

Nanny & Popo's crafting corner,