Sunday, July 21, 2013

Easy Blog Button Help

Go Ahead, Grab My Button!
~well, not this one, but the one on the side ~

I finally managed to make a 'grab me button' which I've been meaning to do for some time now...but like everything else, it kind of slipped my mind...yes, there are days that I do have a Teflon brain, nothing sticks....anyhooow, I did play around with images that I really liked, but failed to get it the right size, or that people could actually see.

 Below is one I played with a free download in Daisy Trail which works with Craft Artist, Gold Edition. I used different layers to build it to what you see.
I really loved this little button, but I would of had to play around with it much more than I was willing to. Techno whiz burn out!!
First I had to decide on a picture that I wanted to use ~ I know I should of put more thought into it or time, but it's one of those areas that just is not my strong I grabbed a picture of my last chipboard project ~ it's sunny and bright and had a blank space for me to type in my blog name ~ and it was something I did design, so it's all mine ;)
Chose the Cover of this little mini as my photo

Brought that picture into Picmonkey, an online photo editing site and may I add that it's FREE, which I love.
First I had read to re-size it to 125 X 125 or largest being 200 X 200 pixels. Sooo, I did that first, then I played around with it, re~adjusted a few things, added text and I was ready to add it to my blog. I chose to resize 200 X 200 pixels or the closest to that size. Saved it to my computer, then using  Grab My Button Code Generator..I filled in the information that it asked for, previewed what it would look like and added it to my blog. Yup, that simple. 

I did not play around with the 'choose your colors and code box options, not brave enough for that one!! lol KISS ~ keep it simple stupid!! Yup, KISS.

Some day it would be marvelous if I truly understood AND retained what I learned to be able to design my own blog layout or whatever you call it, but for now, I'm enjoying playing around with hands on crafts...and a little digital, graphic stuff in the mix...until then, I'm back in my crafty little corner, cutting, gluing and KISS mode ;)

Thank you for stopping by, and please Grab My Button!