Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nanny Donna's Corner ~ One Year of Blogging

Well looky~here. A year ago today, I jumped into blogging and didn't have a clue at what I was doing...and it showed!! lol and it still shows.

First of all, I could not believe that it's been a year ~ and truthfully, I still cannot believe that it was a year ago today. It just does not feel like a year ago that I sat down and downloaded that tool belt that I made for my husband for father's day. First lesson learned, don't post pictures of a card that is going to be given to someone you know until AFTER you have given it to them!

Yes, I did not think that my husband was actually going to read my first attempt at blogging, but curiosity must of gotten the best of him ~  I must say he was really good about it. He never let on that he had read the blog, nor did he let on that he saw the darn thing...until I gave it to him. 'Ah, yes, I thought it was a very neat idea, couldn't wait to actually see what you were going to put in it' ~ eh? Excuse me??

Now, I really did not think that he would check out this 'silly' idea of mine, my 'blog'? Well, that was my first clue as what not to do ~ did I learn from it? No. I still posted pic's of my projects ~ only to find out ~ yes, other family members actually had checked it out~ oh no!! lol

Needless to say, I now only post pictures of things AFTER I have given it to them ;)  well, most times ~ after all, it is me ya know.

Then there were times when I some how hit the wrong button and like the most talented Magician, made  everything disappear. Crap! That's not good...and then you have to start all over again. Wonderful.

Or, perhaps the time I decided to play around with the layout and settings for my blog while my hubby was getting ready for us to head out...and naturally, I'm playing around, not knowing what I'm doing and just as he steps foot into the room to ask if I was ready to head out ~ I hit another button and poof! My entire blog was looking like a hurricane had struck...everything was scattered and just a mess. Well, I was in a panic ~ how do you get that off~line so no one will see it? and here is hubby dearest glaring at me with that 'What did you do now? look and you just know it's not a good thing.

I was not very endearing at that moment and I looked at him for help...nope that's not going to happen. He sat down, took one look and said 'I don't know what you did nor am I familiar with a blog' and that was that.

Oh my! I was not a happy camper. My husband worked with mostly women and worked all day on a computer ( and he has fixed computers for others) and he is known for being a very helpful fellow and here I am sitting there with this mess? and he didn't even attempt to be of help! Need I say more about this fiasco?? I don't think so! I can laugh at it now, but I'm not sure my hubby would find it amusing ~ oh heck, I suppose he's going to read this?? Will I ever learn?? ah, probably not! Sorry dear, but ya know looking back it was kind of funny? Right? wink, wink, nudge, you ;)

Or,there are times when I am playing on my little Blackberry Playbook...and again, you would think that I would learn NOT TO attempt to post anything onto my blog with it because I must have fat fingers or something, or that machine is possessed and has a mind of it's own....sooo many times, I've tried to do something on that little thing and next thing ya know, poof! it's off...sent emails off too soon, posted something that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and your sitting there fuming because now everyone is going to know your an idiot!!

There are days that I think there is nothing more that could possibly go wrong, only to find out, yup there is! Yes, a year ago today I started on this adventure and all I can say is ' thank you for enduring the growing pains of yet another 'blogger' who is just trying to find a way to share some fun projects and share a few laughs along the way.

Gee, I wonder what trouble I'll get into next ~ who knows, I'm sure something will come along...after all, it is me ya know!

From Nanny Donna's Corner,
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ps. watch it not be the right date ! now that would be so typical of me!! oh well...just came back to say ~ yup, how in heck did this get posted on my fb page? lol See, still learning ~ well not really...