Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Silhouette Cameo Cascading Card

Cards Made Easy

with Silhouette Cameo

Oh So Easy!

Finally, I grabbed some time and sat down and made this card with my newest toy, Silhouette Cameo...and oh my! What a pleasure to play with this machine. 

Since I had $35.00 in gift certificates that came with my Silhouette, I did some shopping ;D) at the Silhouette Online Store. Again, totally enjoy the fact that you can pick just one image that you want to work with and for .99 cents ~ ya!! .99 cents ~ it's like a dollar store filled with all kinds of scrapbooking goodies...super love that concept.

I was very excited to find cards that I could download the base of the card, which my machine cut out in no time at all ~ right the first time I cut at that!! Bonus!! No wasting paper or cardstock. First cut is the right cut!! Yay! O.k. so back to earth!! lol

Crisp, clean cuts! No paper trimmer, scoring tools...
Silhouette Cameo did it all!
Next step was to cut out the lacy border, again, super clean cuts ~ which is blowing me away. I still keep checking to see if I am day dreaming here, or missing something, but nope, my Silhouette is performing like a super star. 
Wow! sooo neat! Crisp & Clean!!

I used a metallic marker and edged the lacy cut boarder and then glued it to the back of the cascading card.

Cut out the bird on a branch with flowers X 4, using chocolate brown and creamy colored cardstock and glued them together. Silver Metallic marker for the eyes.

Pearls mark the center of the flowers, which some I layered and some I did not.

Adding foam dimensionals to the backs of some of the birds and branches add depth to the card.

Stamped 'happy Birthday to You and made it into a banner, using a toothpick and gold tape for the 'pole' and glued it to the back of the card...adding a branch (cut from wood grain cardstock for the tree branch to look 'real').

The Silhouette cuts out all pieces of the card, so there is no guessing what size to make the panels. It's just wonderful to work with.

For Mother's Day, my little grand daughter came in with a gift bag brimming to the rim with scrapbooking goodies and it was from her and her little brother...and this is the stack from Authentique Bundle ~ Collection: Lively that I made this card with. Beautiful patterns and colors to play with ~ and as if I couldn't be any prouder of my two little munchkins, Logan picked it out herself! She's 4!! Soon to be 5 yrs. old. I must say, she has a very good taste in her selection.
Thank you Logan & Parker ;)

Yes, I am very happy with my new toy, the Cameo Silhouette is a joy to work with. I was sooo nervous about using the software that comes with it ~ as I said before, a techno wiz I am not, so basically, if I think this program is easy, then anyone could learn to use it!!

This is one happy Nanny in her little corner, crafting when she can ~ after all, this retired life is very hectic!! lol Sad part is, I am not joking ~ finding time to craft is starting to get more and more difficult to find. Then again, perhaps if I would stick to ONE CRAFT at a time, it would help.

I am also cutting out my little grandson's sleepers to make him his memory just a tad busy ~ and then there is my better half, better known as Popo & Pepelle (don't ask where Pepelle came from, little Logan started to call him that from the very first) and he is enjoying retirement to the max...literally taking each day as it comes and when the notion strikes, we are off!!

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully it will not be so long between posts ~ but hey, isn't life for living??

Have a good one,
    from Nanny Donna

I do have to thank little Liam (and mommy) for the beautiful roses for mother's day ~ I can plant them in my garden and they will always remind me of you ~ and Mr. Christopher (my son) and little Rylan for the beautiful Tulips ~ they too will be planted in my garden and I can think of you each time I see them come up! It trully was a fantastic Mother's Day that keeps on giving ;)