Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memory Quilt

A Quilt of Memories

Logan's P.J's made into Memory Quilt
When my daughter in law asked if I could make a 'memory quilt' for Logan, I had no idea what she was talking about. Memory quilt? So once again, I googled it and images started popping up of all these quilts made with pieces of clothing ~ mostly baby sleepers and t~shirts...ah, yes, a true blue type of quilt as back in the day, quilts were made of discarded clothing which in turn were turned into a warm and comfortable blanket ~ quilt.

Since it was my great aunt Leoda who taught me how to make a quilt from scratch, this was not a new concept for me. Aunt Leoda had given me a quilt that was made of my great uncles shirts, some of her blouses and fabric remnants that were given to her. She had never purchased any 'special' fabric to make her quilts. She used what she had ~ and how she did it was beyond me, as her colors and designs were beautiful. A true artist...yet she would argue with you that she had 'no talent' at all. lol 

I use to tell her that it took more talent to make something from nothing than putting something together when you have the best of everything at your fingertips...yes, we had many a good laugh while we were hand quilting and I think of her often.

After agreeing to make Logan's quilt, Kelly started bringing over all and I do mean ALL of Logan's sleepers and she would like the quilt to be Queen size!! Oh my! What did I get myself into?

Some of the sleepers were sooo tiny and finding enough material to cut out a square big enough was a little tricky at times...not to mention cutting through seems and cutting out zippers and snaps!

I have to admit, I started to panic thinking 'what if I end up cutting all these little sleepers and end up not being able to put them together?? Yes, I am a worry wart. Have been all my life. Guess I do have some of my great aunt's lack of faith in myself.

First I would cut out the arms, cuffs and feet of the little sleepers. Then cut down the sides, following any seems and if there was a motif or picture of something, I would cut it out to make a square or applique. 

After so many hours of cutting and sorting, I kind of got discouraged., as this was only the third quilt that I cut and put together by myself ~ I no longer have my great aunt to turn to and miss her very much and not just for quilting, she was like a grandmother to me in every way.

This quilt ended up taking me much longer to finish than I thought. Many breaks between working on it soon it became a joke that perhaps it would turn out to be a 'wedding gift' for Logan! but low and behold I finished putting it all together. Now it was the quilting!! Oh my! Thankfully, my daughter in law knew some ladies from church who does quilting in the summer time to pass the time. They get together once or twice a week and have a quilting bee. Wonderful!

Once the quilting was done, the quilt found it's way back to me to finish the binding. Apparently, the ladies at church told my daughter in law, they had never quilted on a quilt with so many pieces ~ and they really don't intend on taking on another~ mmm, interesting as I'm just starting on Logan's little brother's quilt~ and I'm hoping the ladies will reconsider!!

So Logan got her quilt way before her wedding day! as she is only 4 yrs. old, so Nanny Donna did alright! I'm going to try and get Parker's quilt done a little faster than Logan's, but then again it will depend on how many good days my migraines or arthritis allows me...yes, life does get in the way of crafting, but I will not let it win. I'm stubborn too, just like my great aunt! Some things are passed down from generation to generation, but we have to take the good and the bad and make the most of what we have.

Well, I'm off to cut out some more p.j.'s ~ good day for it.

Have you made any memory quilts? 

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      Nanny Donna