Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Faux Nesting Dies a la Cricut

Where did it go?

Just like Britney Spears 'oops! I did it again' ~ one minute I have a new post and with one press of a button ~ it's all gone!! lol That's what I get for writing late at night, half asleep...oh well, what can I say.

I noticed that I had mixed up one little thing and went to correct it on my Blackberry thingy and my fat finger hit the wrong thing and it was gone, all gone! So here again, I'll attempt to get things, it is bright and early in the morning...not even 7 a.m. yet...what am I thinking??

Sooo, let's get back on track. Faux Nesties. 

If you like the looks of the projects made with Spellbinders Nestabilities, or any of the nesting dies and own a Cricut, then you can make very similar cuts and make your own faux nesting dies.

This little project started out oh so simple, all I wanted was to find a Spellbinder look alike in my Cricut cartridges and then it just took off from there. A small project that took on a mind of it's own and became an all day (and then some) event.

Since I pretty much always turn to the Storybook cartridge , and this is where I made the mistake in my post last night! Sorry ;(    I dug out all 7 cartridges and soon found some beautiful shapes, some that I didn't even know I had...and soon it became a day of cutting, and sorting.

 The one problem I have working with my Cricut, is I forget what settings to cut what cardstock/paper and yes, I do have a cheat sheet with settings for the different cardstock/paper...but I still manage to have a few cuts that just don't work out...wrong size for what I want, or it just didn't go together the way I thought it would...

...and this is where my idea started to take shape.

 What if I cut out selected 'nesting' cuts in all the sizes and wrote down the information on them? 

Then, not only would I have templates to play around with when I want to design a card or layout using these cuts, I could actually see what it would looks, like matched and layered up with all the information written right on the cuts! Now, I am cooking ;)   ....or so I think.

So in the hopes of creating a little system for myself, making it a little easier for the next time I have to make a card in a hurry, I still can have a few visual aids in putting it together in less time??? or not! 

My first 'surprise' was finding one of the cuts that I love from Spellbinders, Lacey Squares in A Child's Year cartridge on page 48.

Spellbinders are squares with the 'loop' and the one I found closest to it was in A Child's Year ~ it's more oblong than square, but it works great.
Spellbinders Lacey Squares

I cut out all the sizes on my Cricut and wrote down the cartridge it came from, the page number, size and what settings my Cricut cut this out I wanted a scalloped edge cut that I could layer under the 'lacy squares/oblongs' and in the same cartridge (A Child's Year) I found  what I was looking for.

In A Child's Year, on page 48,  a scalloped edge that co~ordinates well with the lacy edge. 

So many ways to layer these cuts up. Mix and Match.

If you love the doily cuts, or similar dies, I found one that I loved in my Storybook cartridge on page 36. This is one cut that stands out by itself, layered upon itself or add the scalloped circle to match up with it. Either way it is a pretty design for your cards or layouts and so much more...and there is nothing saying that you can't cut some of the outer scallops to change the look!

Three Doily cuts from Storybook.

Some of the faux nesties ~ lots of cutting ;)
Now, if you really want faux nesties that you can emboss with, then cut out these shapes in chipboard and Le Voila you have faux nesties a la Cricut! Either way, you can achieve the lovely looks of Spellbinders with your Cricut and make those beautiful, layered cards and layouts.

Hope you enjoyed my's been one of those weeks where I can't get my act together...

Do you like having hands on shapes and whatnot to help visually with your designs? or do you use sketches to come up with your own styles?

Happy Crafting ;)
from Nanny Donna's Corner

ps now IF I had Spellbinders Nestabilities, I'm sure I'd be thrilled to us them!! but for now, I have my little Cricut and I'm making the most of what I have ;)