Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Big Kick Takes The Cake!

Big Kick Rock's Nanny Donna's World!!

How Crisp, how clean ~ oh I've been bitten ;)

I finally tried out my Big Kick and it sure did impress me! The cut was so clean, so crisp and no matter which paper I put in it, the cut came out the same. Awesome.

I truly did not know what to expect from the Big Kick, I just know that I have been following a few sites that use the Big Shot or the Grand Calibure and I couldn't help but notice how crisp and clean the die cuts were, but because of the price of the dies, I shied away from them. I kept wondering if it was the type of cardstock/paper that they were using but I also seen that they used a variety of different brands...o.k., so it must be the machine and the dies that are working beautifully...

In a weak moment (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) I happened upon a really good sale and my darn fingers hit those buttons that my husband keeps telling me NOT TO PUSH...hehe and Le Voila...I had ordered myself a brand new Big Kick machine...but I had to wait, and wait and wait...AND THEN IT ARRIVED! 

I could hardly wait to give it a shot, well, I was very happy with the depth of embossing, so I played around with it...but I still ended up going back to my little Texture Boutique for the smaller items...just found it much easier to handle when you have small pieces.

Between Oh My Crafts and Joann's Fabric and Craft Store I managed to purchase a few larger folders AND just for fun, they had  Cuttlebug Cake die and Cuttlebug Flip-flop really cheap (yes, I said cheap...) so I added them to my purchases.

Had them here for a while, but still did not take them out and try them...I know, how could I? Again, age thing...

Finally, I took them out tonight and thought I'd give them a try.

I cannot say how pleased I was with the cut. I mean supper clean, crisp and so easy to use. I thought they would wiggle around on me, or I guess I was just use to fiddling with a lot of cuts before finding the right 'adjustments' so I really didn't know what to expect from the Big Kick. I liked the fact that I could use small scraps to cut these without any fuss.

The Cake one had some swirls going on and they are cut perfect. The Flip flop, same thing. I know they are not that intricate of a cut, but the 'icing' on the cake sure tickled my fancy....not to mention the toes on the foot! Look how clean it cut. Wonderful. I'm totally excited...ah it's the little things that put a smile on our face and this did just that.

 So guess what I'll be doing from now on? Ya, I'll probably start watching those dies, perhaps a few 'special' ones...maybe for those projects that need just a little something~something special.

The one thing I wasn't so pleased with was the fact that even though I put down two layers of cardstock it did cut through to my plastic cutting plates...they sure do get marked up easily and now I've noticed one is kind of bowing?? From what I've been reading, I guess that's pretty normal. Those blades must be mighty sharp to cut through so crisp, clean and so deep and leaving scars behind.

As you can see, it certainly left it's mark on the cutting boards.

Big Kick ~ Clean, Crisp Cut

Now, I do realize, this was one small step with the Big Kick, but I have to say, for the first time using it as a die cutter ~ I'm impressed.

Easy, simple, no dials, no guessing what pressure ~ the instructions are on the cutting mat/pad thingy! How great is that!!

It embosses images beautifully, and larger size than the Texture Boutique...but I still love my little Texture Boutique and it has no fear of finding a new
I had totally convinced myself that I did not NEED any other 'toys' for my craft room and then it just happened! I kind of went on a 'retail therapy' adventure...dare I say more?

Thanks to my very understanding hubby, he encouraged me to make a few purchases to keep me busy...hey wait a minute. He just retired, and he's encouraging me to buy a few new toys knowing full well I'll be in my Crafty little thinks the man is trying to get rid of me!! 

Oh boy, could I use this to my advantage ;)  lol   Silly me!

Oh, by the way, let's keep this little secret that I'm on to him, our little secret!! Why ruin a perfectly good thing...and a happy Nanny Donna makes for a very happy Popo! ;)

I'm still pumped with my first cut. Hope you have enjoyed your visit.

Which die cutting machine do you have? or which one would you like to have? Oh trying to be frugal sometimes just goes out the door ~ after my next surprise retail therapy I promise to behave...for a while ;)

Happy Crafting, What has been your last purchase and are you pleased with it?

Nanny Donna