Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sunshine is out...and so am I !

Has Spring Sprung Yet?

It's another windy day here, but the sun is out and shinning bright. Looks like spring just may be coming our way although just a few minutes ago I heard that it's suppose to either rain or perhaps some flurries on Sunday! Really? 

My better half and I are trying to get our 'routine' down since retirement, but so far it's been a case of getting up with no plans cemented down. We just kind of do whatever! At times I feel like I'm going around in circles and not getting anything accomplished.

I have to laugh as it's like two kids in a candy shop, we just can't decide on what we want to do!! lol When you have the freedom to come and go, all of a sudden it seems like there are too many choices! I know, it must sound silly but it's true.

So far he heads out into his workshop and is happy. He has built two lawn chairs and will be making two tables to match...we certainly are a match when it comes down to it. We both like being at home, love to read and make things! and I will get some pics up of his accomplishments. 

I have been playing around in the craft room, but mostly cleaning and going through a lot of 'stuff'. I have two large garbage bags filled with stuff that I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I kept it...the difference between crafting and hording...may be a fine line there ;()

My room is a combination of all my crafts. Sewing, knitting, crochet, needle point, cross stitch, paper's a multi ~tasking room! and I must not forget the kiddie corner where the grandchildren have their table and chair, crayons and markers...

I've been invited to join a group at Crafter's Corner Cafe. I have been having a great time meeting new crafters, new projects and I'm loving it....but needless to say, many of the crafters crochet and since I do crotchet also, it got my fingers itching to start playing with wool....and guess what I came home with?

If you guessed got it right! lol Just what I needed, another project on the go...but the nice thing about crocheting is that I can do it at night while watching T.V.

I have several patterns (ya, in my multi~tasking craft room) and since I had just cleaned up the pile of books and magazines, I knew right where to look and naturally, I have two containers of yarn but not the type I wanted, nor the color! Isn't that always how it goes? Crafting keeps me in stitches ;)

Well, enough rambling, have much to do today...for one Chelsea, our Blue Merle Sheltie needs a bag of food and I do have a bit of running around to do...hopefully I'll get in the craft room at some point in time does get in my way for crafting at times...but there is always tomorrow ;)

Thanks for stopping by and hope life doesn't get in the way too often so you can have a happy crafting day.

chow for now,
from Nanny Donna's Corner