Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Sewing Projects

Bibs, Burp~Pads & More

 These are a few of my sewing projects ~ I made matching bibs, burp~pads and slippers to sell. They were fun to make...

As you can see, the bibs are large and will fit a messy toddler just nice.. They are reversible and three layers of flannel for absorbency. I had a few smaller ones, but the babies out~grow them so fast that most people liked the larger sizes. 

The little slippers have non~skid soles...(.and no the little rocking chair is not for sale! It was mine when I was a child and both my children have grown up rocking in it, and now our grandchildren use's never been refinished, so it's all original ;)

Fleecy Bunting Bag

I also made a few of the fleece bunting bags that were great for taking the little one's out for their walks. This one is made a tad longer to fit our grand~daughter as our daughter in law loved the first one I made, and when Logan outgrew it, she asked if I could make one a little longer...and Nanny did ;)

The quilt that you see in the background was one of the first quilts that I made, there is actually a lighter green in it also but it's not showing up much in this picture.

I will have to start soon on cutting up Mr. Parker's sleepers to make him his memory quilt, looks like sometimes there are not enough hours in a day to get to do everything we would like...oh well, retirement means my time, when I want...liking that very much.

Today was an excellent day, it's the first time I had a 'honey do' list and  my hubby got right on it and in no time he had a shelf made and  put it up a shelf above my cutting table which means my table is now clear!! I can actually see the top of it and I can either cut out my material for sewing or set my paper cutter and embossing machines on it...He also put up my peg boards which I had purchased on sale at Micheal's ages little corner is really coming along.

I usually don't do the 'honey do' list, but I'm starting to think it may not be a bad idea after all!

H O N E Y.....wink, wink, nudge, nudge ;)

That's it, that's all for now, do enjoy your crafts, they keep our hands busy, our minds occupied and put a smile on our face....