Saturday, April 13, 2013

Circut Help Finding Images

What a good idea!

Yesterday while I was playing, er I mean working in my crafting corner, I had a 'oh' moment when I was searching for an image on one of my few Cricut cartridges and I thought, wouldn't it be smart to have something to help you put your hand on the right cartridge for a certain image...

Being I don't have a ton of stuff, it's fairly easy for me to know what I have in my stash, but for those of you blessed with a 'store' of your own in your craft room, I have found the perfect site for you. 

If you are searching for an image and you have soooo many Cricut cartridges and don't want to start flipping through all of them, go to My Cut Search for Cricut Cartridges . What an awesome idea and so helpful.

As I've said so many times, I do love my Cricut and trying to be as frugal as I can be, buying cartridges with many images that are your 'style' or images that can be manipulated into something totally different...I'm talking about paper punch art ~ which is using your basic shapes, circles, squares, ovals to make an image ~ allows you to get much use out of one cartridge.

I think My Cut Search will be a wonderful help for everyone. If you have a ton of cartridges, it will take less time searching on your own going through all your cartridges, now you can just type in the image you want and presto! It brings up all the cartridges that has that particular image...then you just look for the cartridge that you have.

If you are just starting out and you have an idea of what type of projects you are looking for, then type in the image or font and My Cut Search will bring up the cartridges for you. Easy! Simple and oh so smart.

Another site that I stumbled upon this morning is called Scrap Your Stash. Britten is just starting her blog and I think she has a great idea of starting to use up your stash...which we all purchased with the thought of using it but somehow it ends up collecting dust...after all we bought it because we liked it!! Right?

Hope you enjoy visiting these sites and hopefully they will help make crafting that much more fun!

Off to play in my craft room...chow for now,
from Nanny Donna's Corner