Saturday, April 6, 2013

~A Little Crochet Time~

If The Shoe Fits!

~I love this pattern~

Ah, baby blue, white and black...nice! This is what I've been working on lately. Recently I was asked to join a group of crafters over at Crafters Corner Cafe at g+ and I kept seeing all their lovely crochet work and my fingers got itching for when I was out and about, I picked up some yarn (Red Heart Worsted Weight yarn) and away I went.

It was relaxing crocheting while watching T.V. at night, and it kept my fingers busy without snacking!! So it's basically a win~win situation.

The pattern is easy to follow, with your basic stitches. Being a lazy crocheter, I did not make a sample swatch to see if I had the correct number of stitches to the number of rows, but I had made one pair of these long time ago and I knew that in order for the pattern to fit my foot ( size 6 1/2 ~7 shoe size) I had to make the largest child size to fit me.

I am very happy at how my little crochet project turned out...guess it's like riding a bike! One never really forgets.

Now, I will go back to my paper crafting and see what I can come up with next ;)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you are having a fantastic day! The sun is shinning here and it's looking fine....

Chow for now from Nanny Donna's Corner,