Friday, February 1, 2013

~Sugar & Spice, Everything Nice Valentine's Mini

~Be My Valentine~

Bring on your game!
Sugar & Spice

Oh So Sweet ;)

 This is one of those projects that you start and somehow it takes on a life of it's own and everything just falls in place.

Originally, I started out with the idea of trying out something that I had seen online, were you basically make a game out of using up your scraps.

I thought, wow! How cool! I want to give it a try and pass it on.  First you went and got your kitchen timer. O.k., did that.

Secondly you set the timer for 5 minutes, then you picked out the scraps of paper you want to use up, when the timer goes off, you are done picking your paper. Oh oh! My scraps are all nice cut and sorted, and the sizes do not match up with this game plan ~ o.k., this is were I had to go to my full sheets of paper and basically do the same thing ~ pick out paper that I thought would go well really, it did not take me 5 minutes...I just grabbed all the red stack and some white background with red in it.
just grabbed from my red papers
 and some from my white background with red
and started to cut strips

Bring the paper to your cutting table. Set the timer for 10 minutes. Start cutting your paper into long strips...and again, I had to just change things up a like me...I decided I was going to cut my full sheets into 6 X 6 inches and then cut them in different album coming into focus.

When the timer went off I took all my cut paper to my working desk. Now you set the timer for 5 minutes and sort your cut papers into piles that you think will look good together...don't over think, just do it! ;)
When the timer goes off, you are done...put the rest of your cut paper aside for another day.
~sorted paper~
Naturally I had to do my own thing
and just made piles of matching strips.

Again, I just had to change it up a little because that mini album was really starting to come together in my this point you are suppose to grab a couple of sheets of paper from your printer. Cut them in half, to make a backing for those strips.

See where this is going? It is rather fun and it would be a fun 'game' to play at your next scrapbooking get together with friends.

~These are the strips glued randomly onto my backing ~
I did both sides of backing~

The next step is to grab a glue runner and go around the edge of your backing paper, then several strips running across the paper.

Start gluing those strips on your backing paper and make a new scrapbooking sheet, your own design! You can glue the strips on both sides of the paper to make it a double sided page or just single. Depending on what you plan on doing with these new designer paper!

I had the mini album in the back of my head, so I chose to glue my strips on cardstock, double sided, once I was done of making the pages, I then started to embellish...and it just kept growing!

I love the looks of those cards with Nestabilities, so I used my Cricut to make my own Nestabilities! then used my Texture Boutique and the swiss dot embossing folder...then to emboss the edges of the nesting scalloped ovals, I got out my Ultimate Crafter's Companion, fitted the scalloped edge along one of the embossing designs and managed to copy~cat the look.

~this picture does not do justice to the layered
scalloped circles, but trust me
they do turn out nice...add sparkle glue
to edges~ oh so pretty ;)

~Having fun with my little Cricut & Story Book Cartridge~

Cutting three different sizes of the same scalloped oval and using foam dimensional raised the layers, really helped set them apart on the cover of this mini...and on some of the pages too.

I like using either a good piece of cardboard (usually recycled from somewhere in our house) for covers, but this time I couldn't find anything as strong as I wanted so foam board it is...Cut two pieces and then covered in red and white polkadot paper which I've had for embellishing my pages and covers.

I cut hearts and scalloped edge circles, flowers and dusted them with some chalk, added pearls and my eyes spotted a piece of white rickrack that was just waiting for a project...and this was it's lucky day. It sits on the front cover. Adding a little sparkle to my creation, I grabbed my Studio Glitter Glue and went to town. First on the rickrack, then added a little sparkle to each page to bring out the glitz.

~After gluing the rickrack, I added sparkle
glue, layered the scalloped ovals
added sparkle to edges of ovals, a little
sparkly bling...~

Adding a lacy looking punched edge made the cover really pop out, my little mini was really starting to look sweet and sparkly ;)

Three red hearts, all the same size, cut, glued together and then embossed. Add sprinkle and let it all dry.
I can't believe how cute this little mini is, the colors pop right out and the sparkle adds just enough wow factor to it and on the plus side~ I've used up some of my 'old' paper! It's a win~win situation ;) I'm loving it.
Now, the only thing bind it problem! Sort of ;)  I ordered a Bind It All (which has not arrived yet) and can't wait to try it out, but for now I will use a three hole punch (using only two holes) to bind it all together with two rings...add a little ribbon....and Le Voila!

I couldn't wait to share this little gem, as I think it's a cute idea for Valentine's Day, a fun little game to play with your fellow crafters to boot! Perhaps add a little chocolate for your get together and have fun.
I do hope you enjoyed this little tid~bit, and by all means, please let me know if you played along and what you made with your designer sheets.

~and they lived happily ever after~ p.s. the punched
white cardstock on the back cover ~ hidding
where I had to piece the red & white
paper!! Shhh, don't tell anyone ;)

Happy Scrappin' ~ Hugs'N'Hearts~Sugar'N'Spice and everything nice ~ just in time for Valentine's Day ;)

Nanny Donna