Saturday, February 2, 2013

Craft Room Clean Up

Busy Hands


Makes for Messy Craft Room!

Holy Scrap Batman! Back to the Bat Cave! Chaos has struck Nanny Donna's Corner again...stay tuned as Nanny takes on the Evil Clutter while battling Senior Moments!
Not to fear, Nanny Donna is here...somewhere, well, she was here....

Those scraps (better known as Evil Scraps) were waiting for me to get them all sorted, patiently waiting...for days now...BUT you know those jokes you see posted on Facebook or Pinterest where we have a 'senior' moment? When a thought pops into your head and you have full intentions on carrying it out from start to finish, but you get distracted and end up doing something totally different, and it continues to happen all day long? Yup, that's what happened. 

I truly wanted to start and finish those nasty scraps and I did make good headway...until, I went to my cupboard to get a storage box for my scraps and what did my eye spy? 

A roll of Adhesive Shelf And Drawer Liner which I had bought at the local dollar store to play with my Cricut. Need I say more?

Low and behold it jumped out at me and I just could not resist. Tired of scrapping my scraps, I nicely decided to do a little decorating, adding spice to my bare little crafting space. Oh my! The ideas just started to jump out at me once I sat down and got to business.

My little Cricut cut through the shelving vinyl like a hot knife in cold butter. Smooth, clean and oh so fun!

First came Nanny Donna's Corner Crafts, some butterflies, branches, words..oh, I was in my room was getting a little face lift and I was starting to see some potential...and the mess you ask? Still sitting there calling out my name...but I seem to be afflicted with selective hearing these days.

ah, now isn't that better?
~Fun with dollar store adhesive shelf liner~

Instead of picking up the scraps, I began another project..I dressed up my little corner...a la cheap! oh so cute... well, I think it's cute..When I'm surfing the net looking for new ideas, so many times I see all those beautiful craft studios, crafting spaces and dream of maybe some next to my clock is a reminder to take the time to dream...;)

See those new boxes? That's what started all of this!

They too came from the local Dollar Store ;)

and the next step is very important ~ so take note ~

I do Believe it's the camera angle that is off!!

Not to totally ignore my mess, and turning a somewhat of a blind eye to THAT corner, and being it IS my cutting area, I chose this...(keep in mind, end of day, tired and still in a totally messy room)

mmm, me thinks this one needs a little work...and not just the mess on the table

...this was the last corner to get a little something~something and by the looks of it, it's looking like I was feeling...a little off! Oh well, until I crawl back up onto that messy desk...the words and the mess will wait for another day ;) but for now... I will Dream and Believe that Nanny Donna's scissor, rocks paper!

Needless to say, I like my mess, it makes me happy ~ well, until it comes to actually cleaning it up ~ when I get around to it...maybe, until something comes along and distracts me...again!

I must say, sometimes I don't take the time to make my working space a little more 'inspiring' ~ so my promise to myself will be to decorate my creative little corner as a gift to myself. Why not?

Mess, yes, bare walls ~ No! 
Dollar Store + Cricut +imagination, endless ;)
Senior moments are not all that bad after all!

Thank your for stopping by,
Nanny Donna ~

ps Do you stay on track when you start cleaning up your crafting space? How do you work best? Messy space or neat? Curious Creative Mind at Work...