Monday, January 14, 2013

Scraps, Scraps & More Scraps!

Yes, it's those dreaded scraps of paper that we keep collecting or adding to a pile of discarded paper and cardstock that we just can't bring ourself to throw out...after all, we could use day or another.

It's one of those things that we find annoying, going through, sorting and finding a way to use up those perfectly good pieces or getting rid of them and making room for new goodies! It's called keeping ahead of the game.

I have hunted high and low for ideas on how to make them more enticing to use up, easier to find that just right piece for the project you are working other words, saving money.

What I have been doing is sorting as you go, placing a shoe box on the floor next to my working area and when I'm done with one piece of paper/cardstock, I just drop it into that box...and eventually, I then cut and sort those and place them in another shoe box color co-ordinating...

I bring this box of scraps out for the grandchildren so they have a variety to choose from when they are making their wonderful crafts at Nanny's...but honestly, how much scraps do they need?

Sooo, all said and done, now I plan on attacking that dreaded job. I have decided to buy a shoe organizer with clear pockets and hang it on the closet door which is right next to my crafting table (handy to reach, and visible). I will go through all my scraps (oh my!) which shouldn't be too bad since most of it is already sorted by color in that shoe box (thank goodness my hubby wears a large shoe!! lol) and place them in the clear pockets. I may or may not cut them down into sizes that I would use ~ for example making banners, tags, embellishments for my cards.

Once they are sorted and placed into my handy~dandy shoe organizer, I am thinking of using my cricut to cut out some tags, circles, scalloped circles and squares in colors and sizes (your basics) that I would use for cards...matting and so forth and place them in one of my one of the clear pockets.

 Perhaps try my hand at stamping and coloring with a few of those pieces. Double embossing, try a new cut on one of my and create! If it's a no go, then put it in the trash!!! or add it to the grandchildren stash!! They don't mind at all if it's not 'perfect' for their projects...everything is perfect to them ;) ah, to be a child.

I like going through my stash every now and then to see what papers I have, finding paper, cardstock or embellishments that I haven't used and deciding if they are worth keeping. If not, then put them in a container and either give them to the grandchildren for their crafting area, you can always make up a bundle and sell them online (we all love finding deals, right?) or finding an area school that could use your scraps and goodies for their arts & crafts. Nursing homes also love to receive some goodies for they also have arts & craft time! Find a scrapbooking group and swap! No group, organize one!

What to do with all those cards and projects? Again, if you are like me, we make and make but sometimes do not find a home for our creativity. Make room for new projects by donating them to a good the little shops in hospitals, second hand stores, nursing homes, sometimes offices will buy a bundle of your cards for office birthdays, anniversary, creative! Michael's did have a box to drop off your cards to be sent to soldiers who are far from home and would enjoy receiving some mail.

Ah, yes, so easy to sit and write about what I plan on doing with these scraps, now lets put it to work!! and see what really happens ;) First, have to get off the computer, second,. go hunting for that shoe organizer...wonder if my trusty dollar store would have one of those...yes, the crafty Nanny works on a very small I shop as thrifty as I can...thus the large stash of scrap paper!! lol

If you come up with a cool idea for sorting and storing scraps, by all means please let me know ;)

Have a good one,

ps I will post a pic when I've actually got this mess sorted! could be a while....