Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One ~ Two ~ Three...Let's Go

 Pack your suitcase with birthday memories. What better way to store those happy moments of a little one's birthday. You can keep it on a bookshelf as when it's turned on it's side, the spine is made to look like a book, lay it down and you have a suitcase.

Suitcase of Memories
The suitcase is a breeze to make, specially with the help of my trusty Crafter's Companion scoring system. It takes the guessing right out of any project. Love it!

The mini album is another easy one to make, doesn't take much measuring and such, just fold, glue and add your tags and embellishments. This is one of those little projects that is not only fun to make but the possibilities are endless.

Here is a list of the materials I used to make this cute little project.

DCWV the Celebration Stack

Cardstock: Two 8 1/2 x 11 inches for suitcase
                    Three 6x4 inches cardstock 
                     Four 12 x 12 inches printed cardstock which gives you 12 pockets!
Cricut & George & Basic Shapes cartridge

Crafter's Companion Boxer Board

Paper Trimmer & Scissors

Aleene's Tacky Glue

Scotch ATG gun

Paper Clips or some kind of clips to hold glued parts together until they dry

Small stapler 

Cork numbers (found these at a dollar store)



Boy stickers (again, dollar store - diva on a dime?)

Extra Fine Tip marker (faux stiching)

2 small blue D rings (dollar store find )

Fiskars Scallop Punch

Hole Punch to fit your D rings

Blue 'cord' for handles of suitcase but you can use ribbon or matching cardstock.

One Velcros tab for latch

Suitcase Instructions:

Note: if you are going to faux stitch any of the cardstock/embellishments, don't forget to do it before you attach to your project!! like I sometimes do ;)

Make two boxes for the suitcase, as the top and bottom are made the same size.

I used the full sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inches cardstock, scored all four sides at 1 inche. TIP: apparently, if you score both sides of the cardstock it should not 'break' and show white through the fold...have not tried this yet as I just found please let me know how you make out with this little 'tip'. Also if you are going to faux stitch with a marker or other tool, now would be a good time to do it before you glue it together ;)

After scoring both boxes, notch each end like this...
At each end of the box (top and bottom) cut a V notch in in the above picture. Fold and tape your corners to make your boxes.

Back spine added and corner circles to help close suitcase
To make your inside spine, cut a piece of printed cardstock 2 x 9 1/2 inches, score on both sides at half way point ~ 2 inches, faux stitch before you glue it to your project.

Again, faux stitch first before proceeding with your  spine ;)

Using wet glue, glue back spine (inside of boxes) to bottom box, fold and glue to top box...if you are looking at this and scratching your head wondering what I mean...well, if you take the folded 'spine', open it up and glue to the bottom box, place your glue on the other half of the spine, placing the top box with both edges together, folding the spine into place over the top box (lid) and then place your paper clips over to hold in place while it dries....hope this makes sense to you ;)

Cut two 2 inch circles, fold in half and glue them to the two front corners of the bottom box of suitcase. They help keep the suitcaseclosed better, think of them as 'support'...and again, faux stitch before you glue ;)

Cut your inside support strips~two 1 x 9 inch and glue (wet glue) to the inside of the fronts of both bottom and top of boxes~ use the paper clips to hold in place while decide how much faux stitching and play accordingly ;)

Cut three 1 x 6 1/2 inch cardstock to reinforce sides of both top and bottom boxes, glue (wet glue) in place and use paper clips to hold while drying.

 Straps for outside embellishment ~ Cut 4  1 x 7 inches wide cardstock for your straps on the outside of your suitcase. Faux Stitch and glue (red sticky tape) to top and bottom of suitcase..(.roughly one inch from side of suitcase edge).

For the latch, I used a soother sticker from the dollar store. I reinforced it by sticking it to matching cardstock and then cutting it out before attaching to top (lid) of suitcase. Placed the small velcros circle onto the soother and then attaced the bottom half of the velcros circle to bottom of lid.

(The Velcro is tricky to open because it really sticks together, so I have tried to stick and untstick it a few times before gluing to my project as it sometimes tears the cardstock instead when trying to open the lid..if you have any suggestions please let me know)

Handles: you can do 1 of three things...use ribbon, cording, or paper.
Some of the tools used for making this project.

I used a blue cord (salvaged from something else) cut the desired length and then punch your holes, pass the cord through,knot and repeat for both lid and bottom.

Corners: I cut out 4 1x2 inch tabs,
 faux stitched, attached two small
 blue brads then glued to the corners.

Embellishments: cork numbers (dollar store find) and boys sticker hat (dollar store find) and you have a suitcase!

 Now onto making the mini album

Using your full page of printed cardstock (12 x 12 inches) ~ it's time to score n fold ;)
Fold the 12 x 12 inch printed cardstock into half. 

Open and turn cardstock, score at 3 1/2 inches from top, turn cardstock  and score at 3 1/2 inches on the bottom...basically you just made a 't' but with two bars running through on top and one on bottom....

Cut center fold line to first fold line on both sides of paper...and then fold into first fold line making a V.
Cut at center into first fold line

Folding cut inside to fold line.
Fold V's on top and bottom folding to the inside
...and then fold in half. Open and glue the folded fronts below the V then open and turn your pocket page over, and glue the back of page at the bottom and back edge to make a top pocket. One page has two side pockets and one top pocket. Embellish as you wish.

For the pocket pull out tabs, you will need twelve  4 3/4 x 5 3/4 inch cardstock. I used a scalloped punch on the edges...and embellished with left over cardstock from this project. 

I cut out some tags from the DCWV the Celebration Stack and glued them to some cardstock to make them a little more sturdier, faux stitched around them to keep the same look going throughout the project.

Then using some left over cardstock that I had in my stash, three 6 x 4 inch cardstock, embellished with left over pieces of cardstock from this project, added my tabs which I cut out with my Cricut and the George and Basic Shape cartridge ~ and some left over cardstock from this project and made my little tabs...stapled them to the ends.

Now to put this little book together, I used a paper punch to match the size of the D~rings, measure all pieces the same at bottom of page and punch the holes to pass your D~ring through.

Cut some ribbon and attach to the D~rings and Le Voila! You have a good size album with room for up to 17 photos. I also used a lined (looks like a school book paper) on the back of one of the smaller 6 x 4 inch cardstock for some journaling if you wish.

Hope you enjoyed this little project ~ if you have any trouble with it, please email me or leave a message.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a happy scrappy day ;)
Nanny Donna
Hugs X0X0