Friday, January 18, 2013

Endless Scraps

Here I thought I was doing pretty good with being organized with my know, a couple of shoe boxes with the scraps kind of sorted ~ well, mostly sorted by color and I was under the impression that I was using up as much of the scraps as possible BUT like anything, it kind of got out of control, I managed to 'hide' it by keeping them behind closed doors.

Needless to say, the boxes ranneth over...excuse my creativity on new words! or horrible spelling ;)
For days now I have been cutting and sorting not to mention wondering why on earth am I bothering to cut and stack these pieces of paper and will I actually use them after all the time I've spent on this task?

I'm thinking it may look good, nice and neat but will it be practical? Am I cutting them the right sizes for what I'd use them for? I do have to take into consideration that when I'm using my Cricut, the larger pieces of paper, even if it's only a two or three inch strip that is 12 inches long, could make a row of tags, circles, squares, pennants for banners...all kinds of designs. So, what do I do with the larger pieces?? They don't always match up or are easy to find a solution for storing them neatly. Do I cut the tags, circles, squares now? or wait until I need them? Which is best??? HELP!! lol

Should I layer some of the smaller cut pieces so that they would be ready to stamp and stick onto my project? or would they just sit there not used?

How many of you make up some flowers, tags, embellishments and keep them at the ready? Do they get used up? or do they sit there and collect dust?

With the grand children loving my scrapbooking space, I'm sure they would use up any of the 'embellishments' that I don't end up using...but if you are watching your pennies trying to budget, you also don't want to see your good ink, glue, thread or buttons going out the door on something that's not going to be used.(not that the grand children's art work is not worthy of your goodies...I'm just saying)

I guess like anything else, you can over think and over organize...right?

All I do know, I will not be sorry to see the last piece of left over cardstock or paper cut, sorted and put away! and I'm sure I will think twice when working on a project on what I'll do when I'm done with my scraps...cut, sort and store...that's if I can actually work on ONE project at a time ~ oh, did I forget to mention that? I have this knack for somehow getting sidetracked when I'm working on something and start pulling out this and that and the next thing you know, my working area looks like a tornado passed through or the crafting fairy upchucked all over the place. It's not a pretty site at all...and you don't know how hard it is for me to be sitting in my crafting space just cutting paper! I feel like I'm in time out or something.

Oh well, that's the price we pay for our quirky, creative mind and I wouldn't trade it for anything's who I am ;)

No pictures of this mess...yet, I often head downstairs into my room not looking picture worthy and to be honest, I would only be taking pictures of something every crafter has seen...A ROYAL MESS...but I will fill you in on what sizes I have cut my scraps and how I store it once I'm done...and hopefully I'm not doing all of this time consuming, hair pulling task for not.

I'll stop my rambling and get back to 'organizing' the endless supply of scraps...oh how I do want to see the bottom of these darn shoe boxes, oh how sweet it will be.

It would be great to hear from fellow crafters on how you deal with keeping things under control in your crafts space. What do you do with your scraps? Do you pre~cut and make some of your establishments ahead of time? Any little tid~bit would be much appreciated, as you know, inquiring minds want to know ;)

Be happy, get scrappin'~
Hugs~from Nanny Donna's Corner