Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One For The Guys!

Fun fold masculine card
Finding fun fold ideas for cards for the guys in our lives can sometimes get a little challenging. I know you have probably seen this shirt pattern on other sites and maybe even made one for your guy too. Sometimes bringing something back can be refreshing! And I'm hoping that you find this one just different enough to want to try your hand at it.
Add a sales tag, a touch of faux stitching, button brads and a sentiment on the inside -
box it up (I wanted to add tissue paper to the box, but didn't have any)
and you have a masculine, fun card.
Material You Will Need:
You can make this shirt card several different sizes, as long as your paper is oblong.
I used a 10 x 12 sheet of paper
silver gel pen/marker
9 tiny red button brads
1 white eyelet
eyelet setter
red xtra fine tip marker (Bic Mark-It)
black cardstock for box, pocket, sales tag, box cover
white cardstock for embellishing box front
Sizzix Texture Boutique & Embossing folder
Cricut Machine and George and Basic Shapes cartridge
Decorative punch
white ribbon
glue runner
Imagination and creativity ;)

Shirt Folding Instructions: 

Chose patterned or plain paper, cut 10 x 12.
Keep the 2 x 10 inch strip


Fold paper over in half with right sides up, and crease.
Open, fold into center fold line, crease.
Repeat for other side.

Fold corners into first crease line - making triangles in corners.

At base of V fold and crease

Bring the inside corners to the outer edge of paper.
Bring top down, fold and crease...making sleeves.

Flip and fold edge over, this will make your collar
Fold top corner of collar
into center fold.

Cut white cardstock to fit into shirt and just above the collar, two smaller pieces to fit into sleeves so that they just past the sleeve a little (gives shirt a layered look).

Cut small square piece of white cardstock 1 inch x 1 inch, round corners on bottom, leaving top square to make pocket.

After inserting white cardstock to make layers,
using the 2 x 10 inch matching paper
make front fold for buttons.
Add pocket and button brads...
or no pocket, no buttons!
Since I like using faux stitching to a lot of my work, I would faux stitch with a marker on the shirt collar, wherever there would be stitching on a real shirt.

For the 'sales' tag, I used my Cricut George cartridge and cut out two tags, one larger, one slightly smaller and layered them together.
Used a white eyelet to pass the thread through to attach to the sleeve of the shirt.

Print a sentiment or stamp one on the inside of the shirt and you are well on your way to impress that certain someone in your life!

 Now for the Box! We all know that when you purchase a shirt as a gift, it comes in a box! So gather your cardstock, Crafter's Companion and let's make a box for our shirt!

Cut two pieces of cardstock 9 1/4 '' x 7 1/4 "

With your Crafter's Companion and the box scoreboard, make the lid by placing cardstock butted to the top and scoring on the second score line from the top on all four sides of your cardstock.

Then do the same with the second piece of cardstock but using the box base, and scoring on the second scoring line.

Fold your box lid and box base, glue your corners.

Embellish anyway you chose. I chose a white ribbon, using my Crafter's Companion ribbon helper ;) and glued on a snowflake.

Made a larger tag with my Cricut and George cartridge. Hand wrote 'happy birthday', used a tiny button brad to pin it to the box lid.

With left over white cardstock, I used an eyelet decorative punch on both sides of cardstock, passed it through my Sixxiz Embossing Boutique, faux stitched, placed three tiny button brads evenly across and attached it to the lid.

I also faux stitched the lid of the box with a silver gel pen to make it pop out!

Now I would of really liked to have some tissue paper to lay on the bottom of the box before placing the shirt in it, but unfortunately, I did not have any in the house.

Hope you have fun making your shirt project, until next time,

Happy Crafting,
from Nanny Donna