Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Boxed Mini Albums

Gift Set

Oh so pretty in pink!
 Still playing around with those darn little mini albums...can't help myself, at this time of the year it's always nice to have a few extra little gifts on hand and I'm finding that these easy to make mini albums do up lovely.

With so many birthdays, anniversaries and being so close to Christmas, these little gems are great to have on hand. What mother, grandmother doesn't like to have some pictures handy to show their little darlings? We love nothing more than proudly showing what our little one's are up to and these books are perfect.

Add a little box to put the mini album in, add a ribbon and the wow factor is made! Nothing like a little imagination, creativity add hand made with someone in mind and you have a winner!

Materials for Box:

Card Stock
Pearls or other embellishments
Glue of your choice
Crafter's Companion
or score board of your choice

How To:

To make any box for your cards or albums, measure your album in length and width, then add two inches to both, length and width...if your mini album measures 4 5/8" x 3 2/8" , then you need two pieces of cardstock that measures 6 5/8" x 5 2/8".

Using your Crafter's Companion, score your lid and box base, using the second score line on both lid and base.

Follow instructions to make your box - add ribbon and pearls or whatever embellishment you like and now your mini album has become a boxed gift set.

You can find the instructions for the mini albums in my blog.

Hope you enjoy making these little gifts as much as the person receiving them...perhaps keep on for yourself ;)

Have a scrap-happy day,
Nanny Donna