Monday, November 5, 2012

Instructions for Fun Fold Mini Album ~ one page wonder!

Finally, Instructions for Mini Album, one page wonder!

Like I said in my earlier posts, I have found a really fun little mini album that is so easy to make and so many pockets! and so many different uses for it.
Since I don't do videos...yet, perhaps some day, I hope that I can write down the instructions in a way that is easy enough to goes!

Materials you will need:

One 12 x 12 double sided printed paper or you can also use two 12 x 12 coordinating paper and glue together to make double sided paper.

2 12 x 12 cardstock in coordinating colors or I used my scraps to make the embellishments, corner pockets and tags, tabs.

Brads, lace, embellishments of your choice.

Black extra fine marker for faux stitching.

Bling of your choice, stamps if you chose.

Dollar store twirly paper clips.

Glue of your choice.

Ribbon and brads, make your own buttons with a small circle punch, double the cardstock, use marker to shade and 4 dots for the button holes. Use markers to shade.


Take your 12 x 12 paper and fold in half.

Turn, and fold in half. So you just took your 12 x 12 sheet and folded in half lengthwise, turned and folded in half on the width...does this makes sense? Hope so.

When you have your paper opened, you will have four fold lines.

This would be your third fold.
Open sheet, and bring edge of paper to first or closes fold line (not the center one). Now repeat to opposite side.
This is what you end up with!
Determine which side you want as the cover of your mini album...and place it with wrong side up.

Fold the outer corner into itself to make a triangle and repeat to all four corners.
Oops! I just noticed I turned my corners in wrong! You have to fold them to the inside! Sorry! 

You now have an oblong sheet with an upside down triangle at each end.

Flip and fold to center (with corner tabs folded to inside...sorry again!)
Keeping your paper folded in this manner, flip it over.

Bringing two ends together to form 'envelope'...just slide one end into the to the other.
Bring top of sheet to first fold, bringing the end into the center fold line.

Make sure to slide all the way into the corner of 'envelope'.
Next you fold or kind of roll the other end into the 'envelope' or upside down V, bringing the top of the opposite end into the corners of the top 'envelope'....hope I haven't lost you!

This is the inside of the mini. Just fold in half and Le Voila!
Now, fold your little mini album in the center fold and you should have a great little mini to embellish as you please!! I used small circle punch to cut out 1/2 circle to make it easy to 'grab' your tabs! You can also add pockets by adding scraps of left over paper or cardstock, placing half triangles, or whatever shape into corners or across page.
This is what it looks like if you place a tag in the front corner pocket...there is another one behind this one! It all depends on you!

Corner pockets, tabs, and tags:

If you wish to make a corner pocket on the inside of the mini, I used left over corners from my paper and fitted them into the corners or used a strip of left over cardstock to make a 'belt' to hold the tag.

Pull out tabs: cut 10  4 3/8"  x 3 " tabs or as many as you need, depending on the number of inside pockets you make.

If you are using a Cricut, you can cut them out in no time adjusting the sizes accordingly.

Let your imagination fly with this wonderful little mini. I do hope I didn't confuse the heck out of you but if I did, drop me a line and I'll try to walk you through it better!

Certainly not one of my better instructions and pics, but for the moment I hope it gives you an idea of how to make these fun little minis that pack a big punch! Better days ahead!

Hope you having a healthy, happy, creative day,
From Nanny Donna's Corner.