Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Mini Album

Help! I have it bad!! I can't stop making these wonderful little mini albums!! So many ways of dressing them up! This one I made with Halloween colors...great for those snapshots of the children, grandchildren or even our pets! or both!! lol

Halloween Mini Album...with a little bling :)

A little faux stitching, ribbon, bling...scalloped edging ;)

Tabs, tags, fold and flip!

Made my tabs with my little Cricut!
Love, Love, Love my Cricut!

I promise to sit down and write up the instructions and material you will need to make these. They are so simple to make and your imagination is your limit!
You can make these little mini albums with just a ruler and paper cutter, or if you have a Cricut, you can easily make your pull tabs, tags and with the help of a scallop punch, marker, gel pens, dollar store bling and paper clip ( I use the swirlly paper clip to close the album, thanks to our trusty Dollar Store!).
You can make it very plain or as decorative as you like. Fun, fun, fun...and easy.
One 12 x 12 sheet of paper makes the album, a few simple folds and then make your tabs! Great!! Can't say enough about this great little mini!

Have a scrap-happy day,
Hugs...Nanny Donna