Monday, July 16, 2012

Paisley Cartridge Comes To The Rescue!

Today is catch up day. Nanny Donna has not had much time these days to do much other than come up with new card ideas for little ones. Anyone who does crafts know what I mean when I say that it is work being sometimes just falls together and other times it takes some head scratching...trials and errors.
At times we have so many ideas running through our head and yet when we are put on the goes blank.
I have a bad tendency to wait to the last minute to put something together and I keep promising myself that I will make special cards in advance so that I'm not in a panic to get something put together, but for some reason, that's just not happening.
Here is a card that I made for our grandson who just turned 4! Yes, the previous double slider card was for the same grandson, I made one for my mother to give and one from us....double trouble? lol
To make this card you will need:

Sizzix Embossing Boutique
Sizzix small dot embossing folder
Cricut personal cutter
Paisley cartridge
Country Life cartridge
Story Book cartridge for numbers or any cartridge numbers will do.
American Traditional Designs - Welcome Baby Boy paper
rounded tooth pick
Silver metallic marker
yellow 'eye' for center of wheels on car
double sided dimensional stickers

Chose your cardstock for the main card and cut at 11 x 8 1/2 inches.
Score and fold a small 'flap' on one side of cardstock (this is used to glue your card together and leave space for your card to pull out.

Then score and fold in half.

Cut a slit on side with no flap, single layer on both front of cardstock and blue sky paper.

 Slot is at bottom of card, 3 6/18th inch and 4 inches, leaving enough space for car not to go over the edge of your card on both sides of your card.

Cut the cloud paper from American Design to fit front of card.

Before placing your lamb background, cut out a few banners from Country Life cartridge and using a marker, make them into trees to place under the lamb background. I used the light blue Mark-it marker to edge along the lambs background to give it a little depth.

Fold card in half, gluing fold to front of card.

Cute grey cardstock 2 3/8 inches x 8 1/2 inches, round four corners and fold in half. Glue to bottom of card.

Cut numbers 1 to 4 or however old the birthday recipient will be and glue to road...

Using Mark-It markers, make center lines on road.

Country Life cartride, cut out the number of banners you need for the child's name in the colors of your choice. I used Mark-It markers and wrote Liam's name.
Attach ribbon to front of card, then attach banner to ribbon. Using Mark-it markers, I just added two little black dots to top corners of the banners.

 While you are cutting out banners, cut out 4 for the flag to attach to the back of the car...write Happy Birthday and age on two of the banners. Layer Banners.

To make the car pull across the card:

Cut cardstock to fit in folded card, round edges and place one or two eyelets to attach ribbon...pull out tab.

Paisley cartridge, cut out the zebra/car at 2 inches.

Embellish car to your liking. I used a metallic marker for the steering wheel, wheels, headlights, taillights.

Assemble the zebra/car. Attach the banners with Happy Birthday and the number to a rounded toothpick...glue to the back of the car.

Using two double sided dimensional stickers, place the pull tab in the card. Attach double sided dimensional stickers to the back of the car and the pull tab, which is inside your card.

Make sure that slot is wide enough that it will pull smoothly across card.

Print sentiment.

Story Book cartridge, cut out scalloped edge to glue sentiment onto for pull tab inside the card.

I print up the sentiment, place double sided tape onto the scalloped edge cardstock, place the sentiment over the scalloped edge, flip and using an exacto knife, cut out the scalloped shape and then emboss with my Sizzix small dot folder.

Glue scalloped, embossed sentiment onto the pull tab, add two or more eyelets, attach ribbon and there you have it! Another one of Nanny Donna's ideas ;)

I hope that I did not confuse you more than I helped!

Happy card making ;)
Nanny Donna