Sunday, July 15, 2012

Double Slider Card

How time flies when you are having fun. Celebrated two grand children's 4th birthday, so Nanny Donna has been busy ;)
Coming up with new ideas for birthday cards truly gets your imagination going.
Thinking like a four year old helps! Our grandson loves action figures so a regular card just would not do. It had to have some 'action' in it. Bright colors and something that would be totally different to a regular I came up with an old standby, slider card with some 'action'.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it when both slider parts are in! I watched a tutorial on you tube on how to make this card and used my own idea to embellish it. I had the super heroes from a package that I had purchased ages ago at Winners. Cupcake stamp came from Walmart. Used markers and glitter glue to add a little something-something. On the back of this card is a sentiment which I printed up. 

Here is the YouTube Video: Here is the instructions...easy to follow to make a double slider card. 

Hope you are having a scrap-happy day! Enjoy.