Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Storage ideas on the cheap ;)

Like most of us, I surf the net looking for new ideas to 'inspire' me. Well low and behold I made the mistake of googling 'scrapbooking room' - oh my! There are as many different areas that we crafters claim and turn into our niche as there are shades of hair color. I was actually looking for ideas on a good set up and storage ideas. OUCH! That is until I came across two great ideas.

I can only dream of having some of those crafting rooms, and they are filled to the rafters with every shade of crafting paper/cardstock and all the goodies that goes with scrapbooking, every trimmer, punch, embosser...well you get it. Reality check. Nope I don't have a room that comes close to those, but I can dream...for a while, then it's back to trying to firgure out how to keep my room organized and places to put my stash...AND still have money to actually buy some scrapbooking stuff ;)

Once again a search on the net for storage ideas certainly gave me a wide range of options. Lately I've discovered the great use of foamboard. Yup, foamboard and from the dollar store to for $2.50 + tax I was able to make a home for my 12x12 in. cardstock and paper. How great is that? I was pumped!! and it was easy. This is the video I came across, it was uploaded by niema74, so a big thank you goes out to a fellow crafter who shared. Hope it helps.

Next, I came across a great idea for my Mark-It markers and coloring pencils...again, made out of foamboard. 

Both of these little projects were made up in no time and they are a great way to store your goodies, inexpensively not to mention you can also build a place for your ink pads. I was so happy to find this lovely lady who shared her smart ideas...and so I will pass them on to you through her link.

Thank you Robin! Much appreciated.

Well, that's it for today, I'm off to find more ideas and then start playing in Nanny Donna's Corner. Hope you enjoyed these little tid-bits, have a scrap-happy day!