Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Little Cricut...One of Nanny Donna's Favorite Toys.

Thanks to my daughter and son in law, they started me off with my little Cricut. Boy did I think I hit pay-dirt!! A Cricut. Wow. In no time at all I was making all kinds of new and fun embellishments for my scrapbooking pages and the creativity level just got bumped up to another level. Not only could I make my pages more interesting but card making took on a whole new meaning.

Once again, though googling and surfing the net, I found a few sites that I visited every day looking for deals. Oh My Crafts ( and Joann Fabric and Craft Store ( and EBAY. Low and behold I managed to pick up Paisley, Story Book, Freshly Picked, Once Upon a Princess, A Child's First Year and my Cricut came with George and Basic Shapes.

Soon I became creative with using these cartridges, mixing and matching, trying out different shapes and cuts to make something other than what it was intended for. Through watching other crafters tutorials, you can soon pick up hints and new ways of making-do with what you have...a little time surfing, a little time of trial and error and Le Voila, a new embellishment is born. 

At first I did not know what setting cut best with what paper...well, lots of trial and errors on my part.  Then I found Above Rubbies Studio ( On her site you will find a download for your Cricut with the settings for cardstock, paper and more. I tend to forget settings and whatnot so I keep the settings close at hand when I am cutting out my embellishments and what a difference that has made. I love watching Megan Elizabeth videos, always something new and exciting.

As for the Cricut cutting mats, I soon found them not holding the paper/cardstock. Again, through snooping online, I found that you could make your mats sticky again using spray on glue. I finally gave it a try and found out that depending on how long you leave the spray 'dry' before placing the clear plastic sheet over it, made a difference on how tacky your mat stays. Naturally, again, through trial and error, like when you find out you cannot remove your cut out from your mat because it is now glued to it! Ya, I know, not too bright...(guess I'm not suppose to tell all, but hey, this is me after all) so you will have to play around and find the just right amount of time...I did find that using your hands to 'unstick' the mat a bit before putting your paper/cardstock onto it, really helps. 

Here is a video with Megan Elizabeth using Crafters Companion spray to refurbish yours mats. I used one of the spray glues that my hubby had in his woodworking shop and it worked very well...Crafters Companion is another of my favorite sites and love, love their products, but that will be another post!

All in all, I love my Cricut. A very heartfelt Thank You for Kim & Tyler. It has been the gift that keeps on giving as I make all my own greeting cards.

This is but one of my favorite toys, a must have on my list of goodies in Nanny Donna's Corner...Every Crafter should have a Cricut in their life ;)

Nanny Donna's rambling on, hope you enjoyed your visit and perhaps discovered a little something something along the way. 

Wishing you a scrap-happy day,
Nanny Donna