Monday, June 4, 2012

Father's Day Tool Belt Card

Being this is my first attempt at a blog, it will be a whole new learning adventure for Nanny hold onto your creative hats and enjoy the ride ;)

Father's day is June 17th and for once I have not waited until the last minute to make my Hubby's card. I had come across this amazing tool belt card/box some time ago and thought wow, this would suit my hubby to a T.

Finding cards that are manly is sometimes a little harder for yours truly to come up with. Plane Jane seems to work best for men, or boys but I wanted something that would still have the wow factor and I think I found it.

I stumbled upon this card and yesterday I decided to try my hand at it. I will be adding some 'treats' and personalizing it with a sentiment or two...just use your 'i-man-gination' to get some ideas ;)

 The instructions were great, simple and easy to follow. I enjoyed making something a little different and I think Hubby will get a kick out of it. I did not try to make it look like leather, kept it real simple but for anyone who is far more adventurist than I, can do so much more. Enjoy!

Thanks to Mel for sharing her creativity. You will find the instructions easy to follow. Check out her other great ideas. Please let me know if the link works, as this is my first time blogging...and well ya know, anything goes!!

From my scrap-happy room to yours,
Nanny Donna