Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Black & White Father's Day Card

Since Father's day is right around the corner, I thought I would make another Father's Day card.
I enjoyed working with black and white and I have to admit, I don't use stamps much...probably because I just don't have the hang of it..not sure. I have to say that the picture doesn't do the card justice, but a photographer - I'm not!

Here is a quick, easy, easel card...

This is the material:

white cardstock
black cardstock
black ink
sentiment stamp - I chose one I purchased at Walmart which said 'Each Day, my heart grows fonder'
Happy Father's Day stamp
forever and ever...forever and ever...stamp
a boarder stamp (purchased at Walmart...
American Crafts metallic marker, medium, Gold
Black Ribbon
Antique Craft Embellishment (from the Dollar Store)
Two embossing folders
Sizzix Texture Boutique
4 white eyelets
1 brad
Glue runner

Let's Get Started!

White cardstock:
Cut  one piece 5  1/2 x 8  1/2 inches - card base
Cut one piece  5  1/2 x 4  1/2 inches - card face
Cut one piece 4  1/2 x 1  1/2 inch - sentiment for 'stopper' at bottom of card.
Cut one piece 4  1/2 x 1  3/4 inches - sentiment for face of card.

Black Cardstock:
Cut two pieces 5  1/2 inches x 2 inches

Score the 5  1/2 x 8  1/2 inch at 2 inches and 4 inches...and fold top 2" back, and 4" fold as if you were folding to make a regular.

Stamp around the 5  1/2 x 4  1/2 inch white card stock. Outline with Gold Metallic Marker, outside of black stamp and on the inside of black stamp. This helps give the card depth and makes it look 'rich'.

Stamp both white cardstock pieces (4  1/2 x 1 1/2 inch & 4  1/2 x 1  3/4 inch) with boarder stamp. Outline with Gold Metallic Marker same as the face of the card. ( 5  1/2 x 4  1/2 inch piece).

Stamp sentiments in center of each white cardstock pieces ( 4  1/2 x 1  1/2 inch & 4  1/2 x 1  3/4 inch)...the
4 1/2 x 1 3/4 inch is the one you will be placing on the front of the card.

Layer, centre and glue sentiments onto black cardstock. Emboss. Glue on face of card and one as a 'stop' at the bottom of the 5  1/2 x 8  1/2 white cardstock.

(This is the same card but with a different boarder stamp and only one ribbon at the top of the card and no brad in centre of bottom sentiment.)

Emboss the face of the card (5  1/2 x 4  1/2 inch piece) and both sentiments. The face of the card will be attached to the top of the 2 inch scored part of the card base ( 5  1/2 x 8  1/2 inch white cardstock).

I chose two different embossing folders. Both were Cuttlebug Embossing Folders for my Sizzix Texture Boutique. One was a 'diamond & dots' and the small dots on I used for the sentiments. (Again, sorry, I don't know the exact names and I'll pay more attention to the folders when I buy them so I can pass them on to you).

To attach the face of the card ( 5  1/2 x 4  1/2 inch), align and place your eyelets on both sides at the top of your card. Pass your black ribbon through the eyelets, tie and trim. I had these little gold antique looking embellishment from the Dollar Store and attached one to the bow to add a little something-something. If you chose to go with two ribbons on the face of your card, you will have to place a white eyelet at the bottom of the face of the card and pass the ribbon through (one layer only!) and secure ribbon at back.

Glue your second sentiment, attach a brad in the top centre of the sentiment...and there you have it.
A father's day card dressed in a Tux! all set for the big day.

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